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You Can Now Create Your Own Prisma Filters

Dave Parrack 02-03-2017

Despite already being all kinds of brilliant, Prisma keeps on getting better. Prisma recently added Profile and Feed tabs in order to bolster its social networking credentials. Now, Prisma is focusing on the filters which help users turn their photos into literal works of art.


For the uninitiated, Prisma is one of a handful of apps which turn your photos into art 5 Free Apps to Turn Photos Into Art on Android, iPhone, or Web Turn your selfies into art with these free creative tools and join the new filter craze that is now taking over the internet. Read More . You take a photo, apply one of Prisma’s filters to it, and the app magically transforms it into a work of art. The end result may not win any awards, but it certainly adds variety to your photo albums.

There are a few dozen filters, or styles, as Prisma calls them, available as standard, but Prisma is now looking to increase that number. It’s looking to achieve this by creating a storefront selling new styles, and letting users create their own unique styles too.

Prisma Lets You Go Your Own Way

The Prisma Store is now open for business, allowing anyone to browse for new styles to apply to their photos. It’s accessible via a link in the app, with styles organized by “New Releases,” “Popular In Your Country,” and “All The Old Styles”.

At the time of writing, all of the styles featured in the Store are completely free to download. However, it has to be assumed that Prisma will eventually start charging for premium styles in order to generate revenue. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The tool allowing you to create your own filters isn’t open to everyone quite yet. Instead, Prisma is limiting access to its most active users until it’s ready for a bigger rollout. Eventually it should be available inside the app (on Android and on iOS), allowing anyone to create styles on the fly.


Pushing Prisma Into Bold New Areas

Prisma made a few headlines last year, and both Google and Apple named it the best app of 2016. However, rather than carry on carrying on, the people behind the app are pushing Prisma into bold new areas Prisma, the App of the Year, Just Got Even Better With its latest update on Android and iOS, Prisma is getting even better. And that's after both Google and Apple named Prisma the app of the year for 2016! Read More . The ability to create your own styles is particularly exciting for those of us with a modicum of creative flair.

Do you currently use Prisma? If so, what do you think of the new features? Are you likely to download new filters from the store? And would you pay for the privilege? Do you want the opportunity to create your own filters? Please let us know in the comments below!

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