How to Create a Visual Place for All the Stuff You Find Online

Dave LeClair 08-09-2016

Is the internet a place or a thing? Do you use the internet, or go to (on?) it? This cool new tool called myWebRoom [No Longer Available] aims to make the web feel much more like a place you go visit, rather than just a thing you use.


Basically, it allows you to create a digital room that serves as a portal to the things you enjoy online The Million Dollar Home Page: Gimmick, or Important Piece of Web History? How Alex Tew made a million dollars, and Internet history, one pixel at a time. Read More . Obviously, what makes it stand out its visual nature Try Exploring Wikipedia Visually Like a Spaceship in Space Wikipedia is comprised of millions of articles on all kinds of topics and browsing it can be a chore -- but if you use Wikiverse, you'll find things you never would've otherwise. Read More , as you’re actually putting stuff in what looks like a physical space. Here’s how to get started with the cool service.

First, click the Create a Room button the front page right here. From there, you’ll pick the style of room you’d like. There are quite a few to choose from, and you’ll find some ideas outlined in the video below.

Once you’ve choose a visual design, you’ll choose some interests. From there, you’ll sign up for an account, either with your email or Facebook.

Now, you’ll be taken to your room where you can click on the objects that work with the interests you’ve chosen. When you click one of those, you’ll get the option to populate your feed with stuff. There are other options around the room that’ll help you personalize the place, but I’ll let you explore and play with those yourself!

What do you think about myWebRoom? Is this something you’d use while browsing the web, or do you prefer your current tools? Let us know!


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