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Create Media Presentations Quickly With Haiku Deck And Air Show [iOS 5]

Bakari Chavanu 15-09-2012

create media presentationThe iPad or iPhone are perfect mobile media presentation devices, especially if you have the right apps to create slides without the challenge of tapping lots of buttons or hunting down files and other content. Photographers, teachers, convention speakers, or anyone conducting workshops or sales presentations on a regular basis may often need a tool or two that is easier and quicker to use than PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote for the Mac or the iPad.


Two new apps in the iTunes App Store, Haiku Deck and Air Show aim to get users up and running with slide presentations in a lot less time and hassle than it normally takes. And because they are iOS 5 apps, you can use AirPlay or simply hook the device up to an Apple TV or supporting projector, and you’re ready to present to your audience.

How Haiku Deck Works

Haiku Deck starts you off with six, colorful, stylish themes to choose from, complete with a creative font. (There is also a collection of premium themes for $1.99 each.) These themes determine the font style of your slides, and because Haiku Deck is about creating quick, fun presentations, there are no options for customizing text size and colors. As you type a title, the font size automatically adjusts to fit the layout.

create media presentation

Next, Haiku Deck includes a search tool that locates backgrounds from millions of free, high-quality photos based on the term(s) you provide it. You can of course pull photos and other images from your photo library library on device, or simply use a flat color as your background.

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Haiku Deck is for quick fun layouts, so it’s not for users who need maximum control over text boxes and other layered elements. In Haiku Deck you can choose from a little over a dozen template layouts for how you want to quickly place your titles and/or subtitles, e.g., the lower-right, middle, upper-left, center-right, etc.

media presentation software

You can share your completed presentations via an export to other Haiku Deck users, as well as as sharing a link to your presentations in your Haiku Deck account for web browser presentations. Presentations also get an embed code for posting them in your other websites.

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Instant Presentations With Air Show

If you’re someone who needs or wants to quickly show photos on your iOS device, you can certainly use the built-in Photo Library of your device. But the recently released app, Air Show offers you more control and quick editing features for your photo presentations.

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Air Show allows you to select images from your existing Photo Library’s Albums, Events, Photos, Streaming Photos, and Faces collections. You can drag or tap photos to put them in a timeline, where they can also be re-arranged.

Air Show doesn’t have fancy font styles or image manipulation features (except for a rotation tool), but you can drop photos onto the “Mage Wand” to add a basic caption, as well as crop and zoom the selected photo.

apple media presentation

Air Show works best with a device that supports AirPlaying mirroring, which includes the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the (third generation) newest iPad. You can use Air Show on other iOS devices, but you will need to manually connect the device using an HDMI cable to enable the external display capabilities. You can select to show photos full screen or with a border. And the best thing about Air Show is that while you are presenting one slide show, you can create another one in the background. You just load a show when you’re ready to present it.

The little “i” icon brings up all the instructions you need to create and run a show.

create media presentation

Let us know what you think of Haiku Deck and Air Show. Will either of them fit your presentation workflow? What features would you like to see added to them?

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