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Jessica Cam Wong 11-10-2010

video creation softwareEver since I saw my first Tinkernut video tutorial, I was hooked on the presentation style, which I wished professors would adopt. The creator of Tinkernut excels at making a myriad of educational tech-related videos (ranging from making your own operating system to original DIY projects) mixed with awesome effects that are anything but boring. I first learned of Wax 2.0 through his channel and this is definitely an application that aspiring video creators should take a look at.


Wax 2.0 is video creation software that comes from the creator of Wink (which lets you make awesome Flash-based product demos 4 Tools for Creating Screenshots and Screencasts Read More ) who is dedicated to ensuring that anyone can start authoring their own videos.

You can use Wax 2.0 to create video sequences with special effects or as a plugin for commercial video editors such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.

Here Are The Files Wax Accepts

video creation software

You’re most likely going to have to convert your videos or audio clips to use them in Wax, but fear not as there are many capable multimedia converters The Mega Guide to Media File Conversion Tools in Windows Wondering how to best convert that media file? This is your guide out of the media file jungle. We compiled the most relevant media file conversion tools and show you how to use them. Read More abounding the net.

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Also note that the videos exported from Wax 2.0 can only be in AVI format, which can end up being ultra huge files, unless you have DivX or Xvid.

create a video

Both of these have been discussed in the recent mini-guide The Best Settings & Formats for Capturing Videos for YouTube Read More for publishing YouTube videos and another handy article How To Compress Videos To Send Them By Email Read More on shrinking video file sizes for easier sharing. There are also codecs you can use in other popular open-source video editors such as VirtualDub 7 Video Editing Tasks VirtualDub Handles With Ease [Windows] Read More and Avidemux The 9 Best Free Open Source Video Editors for Linux Video editing on Linux? It's easier than you think! Try these open source video editors on your Linux PC. Read More , so what makes Wax 2.0 different?

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What Makes Wax 2.0 Stand Out?

Besides the video-editing platforms we’ve discussed above, Windows Live Movie Maker is also available for download plus, you can technically also upload videos to YouTube and edit them online How To Use The New YouTube Video Editor Read More so what’s the big deal about Wax 2.0? There’s a few pretty useful features you should consider Wax 2.0 for:

Modifying Clip’s Properties

VirtualDub and Avidemux can do finish any video-splitting, -trimming or -merging Merge Multiple Video Files With VirtualDub Read More tasks in a jiffy when you use Direct Stream Copy mode. However, most filters you use (e.g. adding some blurring effect, or changing the perspective) have to apply to the whole video. Thus, you cannot have specific parts modified, unless you’re using something like the zoom 1.2 filter which has a phase 2 you can adjust to revert back to the original settings.

Meanwhile, Wax 2.0 has the Quick 3D video plugin which is a Godsend. You can basically enlarge, shrink, and modify the video or image around which I’m sure you’ve wished Windows Live Movie Maker could allow.

video creation tools


First, right-click on the Media Bins area and select Add Media Files. After you’ve chosen your files, drag them to the timeline, go to the Video Plugins tab under the Media Bins area and under Video Plugins: 2D, drag Quick 3d to the items in the timeline (repeat as necessary for all items in the timeline you want to change).

video creation tools

Click on the arrow next to Quick 3D and you’ll see the ways you can edit the actual clip.

video creation tools


If you’re looking to have a property change over the course of the clip’s appearance, right-click on the property and select Linear.

Create Impressive Videos With Wax 2.0 [Windows] 7

You can move pictures from one point in the video to another (sort of like tweening), play a video alongside/inside another video (for a video PiP effect), etc.

Create Impressive Videos With Wax 2.0 [Windows] 8

Using A Green Screen

In the same box where you found Quick 3D, you’ll also see under Color, the green screen plugin Chroma Key.

Create Impressive Videos With Wax 2.0 [Windows] 9

Drag it to the timeline item whose background is a solid color, use the eyedropper to select that background color, adjust the Tolerance level and you can ‘get rid’ of the boring background or use a different one.

Create Impressive Videos With Wax 2.0 [Windows] 10

If you check the Invert box, you can roll your own homemade iPod ad!

video creation software

Obtaining Way More Effects

So Chroma Key is probably the easiest to understand, but you can achieve much more if you shoot for more complex effects, such as these:

Watching what each of the effects available in Wax can do might be easier than reading about them so here’s a good video:

Want to try the more any of the more advanced effects just described? Here’s how to use the Rotomate plugin to clone yourself:

And here is a video I made myself advertising MakeUseOf!

What do you say? Do you have some suggestions for other free video creation software? Let us know in the comments!

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