Create Beautiful Widgets To Customize Your Droid [Android 2.2+]

Angela Randall 08-01-2013

customize your droidIf there’s one thing almost every smartphone owner likes to do, it is customizing their phone to make it just right. This includes themes, wallpaper, and choosing which apps and widgets to display on the homescreen. All of these are important as it will make you feel comfortable with your phone and ultimately allow your phone to show you the right information as soon as possible. Anything less and you’re stuck rifling through menus and clicking multiple times to get simple answers.


So, what’s the best way to get great widgets to customize your Droid? Very simply, it’s by installing the Beautiful Widgets app. You’ll get a huge selection of customisable widgets which look fantastic, plus access to a gigantic marketplace of skins for even more variety. This is the perfect app to get your smartphone customisation just right.

Download Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is a paid application, but is still great value as it only costs a few dollars (currently it’s just over 2€). Be aware that the app starts at 10MB, depending on your phone, and can’t be moved to the SD card due to the way widgets run on Android. Check out a video of how it works.

Beautiful Widgets offer an extended trial period as they feel 15 minutes isn’t long enough. Make contact via the Google checkout if you feel you want a refund after the 15 minute time limit is up. Note though, that this won’t apply during sales and promotions.

The Beautiful Widgets

The sorts of widgets you can create with Beautiful Widgets include clocks, weather, battery monitors and some system setting toggles, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, Rotate and a Timed Silence. The scope of what you can do with those widgets, however, is gigantic.

customize your droid


There are also some very advanced widgets available to allow you to show an animated 5-day weather forecast, moon phases, multiple language forecast, 12-hour forecast, localised time for multiple locations, live weather wallpaper and more. With Jelly Bean, you can even choose to show the weather in the status bar.

customize droid

Skins For Widgets

The widgets are independent, so you can create them for different layouts, skins and locations. More skins can be found on the Beautiful Widgets market, thus expanding the possibilities even further. With the addition of the web skin mixer, which allows you to take your favourite elements from other people’s skins, you can create just about any widget you like. The market can be browsed online and applied directly to your phone, making the process a lot easier than just using your phone.

If you’re a creative type, you can also upload your own skins to the market for yourself and others to use.


customize your droid

Android Themes

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Have you tried Beautiful Widgets? What do you love about it? What are your favourite themes and widgets?

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    It is a fact that widgets can give a totally different look to your smart device and for many Android users widgets are the shortcut keys to access their favorite apps or menus. On the other hand, some users download the same in order to enhance the appearance of their mobile phones. Even for me, as some of my favorite widgets allow me to access some options directly from the home screen. Some of my favorite widgets include Extended Controls, Analytics Widget, Google Reader ticker, Weather Channel, Evernote Bar and many more. Thanks for sharing this fantastic widget.