How To Create Awesome Slideshow Presentations In iMovie

Bakari Chavanu 14-07-2014

Want to produce slideshows that go beyond simple cross dissolves and single track background music? Apple’s iMovie for Mac OS X can help you create professional looking slideshow presentations with few prior skills.


You can create slideshows using web or mobile apps or even in iPhoto or Aperture. But as today’s article shows, iMovie provides a few more controls for adding titles, controlling the Ken Burns panning effects, and adjusting the volume and fading of background music.

iMovie 11, along with other iLife programs, comes pre-installed with new Mac computer purchases. If you don’t have the latest version installed on your older Mac, you can download it from the Mac App Store for $14.99. Most of the instructions shown in this tutorial also apply to iMovie 10.

Photo Preparation

Before you begin your slideshow production in iMovie, you should crop and edit your photos in iPhoto How to Edit Your Photos Easily With iPhoto [Mac] Read More or Aperture Aperture 3.5 Offers the Best Range of Photo and Editing Tools for the Mac Despite being intended for professionals, any Mac user who shoots and edits lots of photos would do well to upgrade to Apple's professional photo editor, Aperture. Read More . Though photos can also be cropped and enhanced in iMovie, it’s easier to get the job done in one of the Apple photo applications.

Crop photos

Next, create a album of all the photos and arrange them in the order you want them presented. Though you can arrange the order of photos for slideshows in iMovie, it’s easier to organize them in iPhoto or Aperture first, and then rearrange a few of them in iMovie as needed.


It might also be a good idea to actually select your photos and create a slideshow in iPhoto (File > New Slideshow) or Aperture (File > New > Slideshow) to get an idea of how it will look. For your trial run draft, simply use the classic or Ken Burns theme in one of the photo applications in order to preview the length of a slideshow and the arrangement of photos. This step is optional, but you might find it a little time saver before creating a slideshow in iMovie where you can do more fine tuning of the Ken Burns effects.

IPhoto theme

Creating a Slideshow In iMovie

If you haven’t used iMovie much, don’t feel intimidated by its layout and controls. iMovie basically has the similar drag-and-drop and editing features found in iPhoto and Aperture. The biggest challenge will be adjusting the panning effects and, if needed, the soundtrack fades off your slideshow.

When you open iMovie, your iPhoto (or Aperture) library will be listed in the left side panel of iMovie, as well as a section for managing your iMovie Library projects. By default, iMovie organizes all your imported movies and photos by date. If you have never used iMovie, it will create an event with the current day assigned as the title, which can be changed by double-clicking on it and creating a new title.


Creating A Slideshow

Select a theme for your project. You can click on a theme and preview it to get an idea of it motion effects. Depending upon your project, the Simple, Photo Album, Comic Book or Scrapbook theme works best for photo slideshows.


Note: After applying a theme to a project, it can be changed to a different one by selecting the project (and deselecting clips in the timeline), and then clicking on the Settings button under the toolbar.

Give your slideshow a title (which can be changed) and select an event to place it in. When the new project is created, a blank timeline will appear.


Click on your iPhoto or Aperture library and locate the album of photos you created. Double-click to open it.

Aperture album

If your photos are in the order you want them, select them all and drag them to the timeline. You can also drag and select each photo based on the order you want. Even after the photos placed in the timeline, they can still be re-arranged. If for example, you don’t like the photo that appears in the cover theme, drag and drop another photo at the beginning of the timeline.

With your project selected, hit spacebar to play a preview of the slideshow before you start editing. Notice when you place a mouse cursor inside the viewer window, the viewer controls appear for starting and pausing the video, playing one or more selected clips a time, skipping back and forth between single clips, or playing the movie in full-screen mode.


Viewer controls

Add Background Music

Before you begin editing the panning effects and the length of your slideshow, you should add your choice of background music. Try to match the combination of panning effects and music to the content of the photos as much as possible.

You can access music tracks in your iTunes library in the Content Library section of iMovie, or locate your tracks and drag them to the timeline. You can also select a track in the library and hit the E key to quickly add it to the timeline. The video tutorial at the top of this article illustrates how to add and edit tracks in the timeline.

Editing Your Slideshow

The panning effects initially applied to clips in iMovie will not always be exactly how you want them, so editing the Ken Burns effects is where you will probably spend the bulk of your time. Note that iMovie saves your project as you work, and it has an unlimited number of undo states.

Before you start editing, you might want to increase the viewing size of the clips so they can be easily selected and edited. Do this by clicking film strip icon on the right, and the increase the size.

IMovie clip size

Also notice in the timeline you can see the current length of the slideshow, the timing between each clip, and when you place your cursor over a clip, iMovie shows the length of the clip.

Other Editing Features and Sharing

Though iMovie themes can’t be totally customized, clicking on the Transitions and Titles section of iMovie does allow for changing the transition and title styles in a theme.


To change the transition style, select a different style and drag it onto an existing style in the timeline. iMovie gives the option to apply the style to a single transition or to all of them.

IMovie transitions

Additional title clips and credits can also be selected and dragged into the timeline.

IMovie titles

When your slideshow is done, iMovie makes it easy to export your project to either a movie file, email, or a social network site. You might also want to export your slideshow to iTunes and iMovie Theatre.

IMovie sharing

Your iMovie Tips

While creating slideshows in iMovie requires more steps than creating them in one of Apple’s photo applications, or online applications, the extra work provides a more polished slideshow presentation.

If you want to create photo slideshows and photo/video collages on Windows, get SmartSHOW 3D for your PC SmartSHOW 3D: Cool Photo Slideshow Software for Your PC SmartSHOW 3D is a handy video and photo slideshow software that lets you make slick presentations in minutes. Here's how it works. Read More or for an online option, check out how to create professional presentations with Canva How to Create the Perfect Professional Presentation in Canva You may not need Microsoft PowerPoint! Canva can help you make professional presentations in half the time. Read More .

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    Hi Jenny, I haven't used iMovie much since I wrote this article. I suggest raising your question on the Apple support site. There are plenty of iMovie users who can answer your question better than I.

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    I am creating a slideshow animation (using quick durations) and when I try and drag a transition into the timeline, it shows a green plus sign but it won't allow me to actually drop it in the timeline. Has this ever happened to you before?

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    • Bakari Chavanu
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      Cam, I have to suggest that you raise this question in Apple's support forum for iMovie. Unfortunately I’ve updated to the latest version of iMovie, released after this article was written. In the latest version, you double-click on the photo, and the KB adjustments appear, and from there you click the Fit button.

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