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Karl L. Gechlik 27-08-2009

DinkyHeadHave you ever had the need to create a free web page quickly to share information with a group of people or even a team member? You have to fire up your editor, make the page and then upload the page to the site, find the URL and pass it around.


Now we have discovered a service that does ALL the hard work for you! It’s called DinkyPage and can be found here [Broken URL Removed].

All you need is content and if you want to use pictures, a place to host them.

When you arrive at the Dinky home page you have one large option and a smaller one below. You can create a new free web page or create a custom page with a custom name. This means your page’s URL will be something like instead of“¦

This is a great way to make the URL easy to remember and it looks better in an email. Create one of the links and move on.

create free web page


If you choose the custom name for your page you will have to input it before your page is created. Next up you will find yourself looking at a What You See Is What You Get editor (WYSIWYG) – this makes creating the page ultra simple.

Start by naming your page in the page title area. This will show up in the web page’s header. Below that you have a text box to enter anything you want. Type in some text and then highlight it. Click the globe with a paperclip in the toolbar to create a hyperlink. This means when your reader reads this page they can click on this line of text to go somewhere else. The link will appear underlined. Go ahead and try it out.

create free web page

The dialogue box looks like this:


free web page makers

For a normal link just leave it as is, but if you want to make the link a Mail To: or link to another portion of the page pull down the link type box and choose accordingly:

free web page makers

Now like I said before if you want to add images to your site they need to be hosted elsewhere. You can hotlink to an image by right-clicking on the website it is hosted on and selecting properties. Copy the image’s full URL and paste it into the URL box. The image will appear in the preview box on the right.


create my own free web page

Hit OK and your image will appear with your text like so:

create my own free web page

So below you can see my page with some text, a hyperlink and an image. I then hit the Publish Changes button in the upper left hand corner and the site is now live on the world wide web. You can see this page here:


free web page making

This is what your page looks like online. Not too shabby for a few minutes of work.

free webpage making

And if you used a custom name for your URL it will look something like this:

dinky page

If you are feeling adventurous you can click on the HTML mode button in the upper right hand corner and edit the real deal HTML of your page. This is awesome for adding other code into the page or pasting in a ready made document.

free easy web page builders

Do you have another method of creating a free web page to get information out on the internet quickly? We have previously profiled how to create a disposable webpage How To Create A Disposable Webpage Read More but we would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Chuck
    August 27, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I just use GDocs...