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11 Crazy YouTube Channels You Need to See to Believe

Ben Stegner 20-12-2016

The internet is a wild and strange place. Nowhere is this more apparent than YouTube, where anyone can upload a video to share with the world. After a bit of thinking, you might realize that a lot of popular YouTube videos are really weird Some Of The Most Popular YouTube Videos Are Really Weird If the most popular YouTube videos of all time are anything to go by, you're all into some really weird stuff. Read More .

However weird those popular videos are, they’ll never compete with insane stuff from the depths of YouTube 5 Crazy Stupid Video Clips From The Depths Of YouTube Are you tired of reading about useful software? Then take a break and watch these crazy stupid video clips. They won't make you smarter, or a better person, but they will make you laugh. We've... Read More . These videos, often gathered on the /r/DeepIntoYouTube subreddit, were passed over with few views despite residing on the site for years.

Individual videos are great, but today we’re going to highlight some crazy YouTube channels you’ll have to see to believe. Not content with producing one bizarre video, these channels feature hundreds of them. Grab your flashlights as we prepare to explore the darkest parts of YouTube together.

1. Jon Drinks Water (18,000 subscribers)

Have you ever drunk a bottle of water? You probably quaffed the liquid and threw away the bottle without a second thought. This channel went a few steps further, and decided to film one man’s journey of drinking bottled water.

Jon Drinks Water contains over 4,600 videos of this guy drinking water. We shudder to think how long these would take to record and upload Everything You Need To Know About Uploading Videos To YouTube Currently, there are three ways to upload videos to YouTube. Here's an in-depth look at how to use your computer, phone, or games console. Read More , but what’s even crazier is that this channel features a compilation video that’s over nine hours long of Jon drinking 2,000 bottles of water. If that sounds like a bit too much H2O for you, there’s a condensed version that will only suck up three minutes of your time.

2. 1HappyBirthday (112,000 subscribers)

What do you do for your friends’ birthdays 6 Personal Alerts You Should Set Up Today We receive a swarm of notifications which, to be honest, are often useless. There are some useful notifications however, that are easy to set up and help us keep tabs on what actually matters. Read More ? Send them a card, or perhaps buy them a gift? How about sending them a custom-recorded song for their special day? 1HappyBirthday exists so you can do just that.

This channel contains tens of thousands of videos, all of a woman singing an original “Happy Birthday” song with various names placed in the tune. While the song is essentially the same for each name, the crazy part is that each song is individually recorded. Most names have several videos, too, with themes like chocolate or cats.

If you do a little digging, you can find some goofy names. “Happy Birthday Stupid” is a great one, and there’s even a Happy Birthday song sung to Happy Birthday, which is about as meta as it gets.

3. AdamDiddy (16,000 subscribers)

Will it flush? This channel exists to answer this question. If you’ve always been curious to know how pizza looks when it gets flushed down a toilet, you’re in luck!

There are hundreds of videos of various objects being flushed down the toilet here, all with goofy cries of delight from the host. From coffee grinds to cereal, and even a hard drive, you’ll never have more fun in a toilet 5 Hilarious yet Useful Bathroom-Related Apps for Android From finding a bathroom to faking going to the bathroom, here are some interesting bathroom-related apps for you to peruse. Read More .

Sometimes AdamDiddy gets a bit overboard and tries to flush items that are a bit too big. He always finds a way though!

4. Fart Master (10,000 subscribers) [No Longer Available]

Take a wild guess as to what the Fart Master is known for!

The Fart Master’s channel is full of gassy goodness. From record-breaking wind to tooting in strange places, you’ll be blown away by the amount of flatulence on display here. It’s all topped off by the Fast Master’s wild persona, as he seems to take great joy in cutting the cheese.

His seemingly unlimited supply of bottom burps and the underwear hat on his head completes the look and inspires us all to pass a little wind.

5. The French Elevator Channel (1,000 subscribers)

There are plenty of hobbies you can invest in Your Expensive Hobby Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Budget Hobbies -- especially electronics-related ones -- can be really expensive. But they don't need to ruin your budget! Here's how to make financial adjustments for expensive hobbies. Read More , but this might be one of the strangest we’ve seen. This channel’s creator is a huge fan of elevators, and uses YouTube to share that with the world.

The French Elevator Channel has more than 500 videos of this person checking out different elevators and offering his thoughts. We’d figure if you see one, you’ve seen them all, but that’s apparently not the case. Maybe one day, this channel will feature videos on every elevator in existence.

6. Helena Teasdale (1,000)

This channel’s creator took the advice “dance like nobody’s watching,” except she uploaded hundreds of random dancing videos to YouTube.

What you see is what you get with this one: hundreds of dances to all sorts of songs. Strangely, the dances seem choreographed, not random, so it’s likely she puts some time into this. We wonder if her subscribers watch every video. Perhaps they’re just here for her wild hats.

7. My Wife’s Junk (6,000 subscribers)

When his wife left him, this resourceful creator had a bright idea: he started a YouTube channel dedicated to selling her old junk Facebook Marketplace Lets You Sell Your Old Junk for Free Facebook has launched Marketplace, which lets people buy and sell used items listed nearby. As a bonus, Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use. Read More . What propels this channel from funny to fantastic is that every video runs in the style of a cheesy home-shopping channel sale.

His videos are almost convincing enough to make it seem like he’s selling items for a real shopping channel. The craziest video has him demonstrating his wife’s neckline slimmer for a full hour. You can’t find this stuff anywhere else. Possibly with good reason.

8. danleggymail (1,000 subscribers)

We all find humor in different aspects of life The 20 Funniest Websites for the Best Humor on the Web If you're searching for the best humor on the web, here are the funniest websites you should visit. Read More , but this channel proves that some people find the stupidest things funny. Danleggymail’s channel contains more than 80 videos of a guy filling up balloons with an automatic air pump, giggling like a tween every time one pops.

We’re really not sure what’s so funny about this. He clearly felt the need to share his source of laughter with the world. Chances are if you watch enough of this, you might start giggling too, but only because you’ve gone a little insane.

9. Jesse Smith (200 subscribers)

Sometimes you don’t know how to pronounce a word, so you look it up online 8 Online Audio Pronunciation Guides That Help You Speak Words Correctly Read More . Jesse Smith’s channel aims to help people pronounce the names of cities, by featuring thousands of videos of a robot singing the names of the cities.

What, you think that’s weird?

Every single clip features a robot singing “CITY, STATE; CITY, STATE; a great place to visit; CITY, STATE.” The channel seems to favor states on the western half of the U.S. as Texas is the easternmost area mentioned. Even better, the voice gets some of the pronunciations wrong.

10. Knob Feel (7,000 subscribers)

When you buy a new stereo Quality Sound On The Cheap - Buying Vintage Audio Equipment For the money you put in, an old amp has the potential to provide way more bang for your buck than a modern active speaker system. Read More , you probably read reviews before you choose which unit to buy. Factors like sound quality are important, but what about how the knobs feel? You’ll never have to guess again after watching this channel.

Knob Feel is a channel entirely dedicated to reviewing the knobs on different stereo systems. A master of his craft, the channel creator does this all without words. He distills the critique into grunts, so there’s no question of his thoughts on a particular device. Never again will you have to purchase a stereo without knowing whether turning the volume knob on your new device will be a pleasant experience.

11. jarrett mark (200 subscribers)

What do school buses and the song “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash have in common? They’re both featured in pretty much every video on this channel.

Jarrett mark is apparently a huge fan of The Man in Black, and clearly the school bus is his favorite form of locomotion. There are dozens of videos on the channel named “ring of fire” and every video features a different cover of the song, along with slideshows of school bus pictures. This is so out there, even we’re not sure what to make of it.

What’s the Craziest YouTube Channel You’ve Seen?

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our short trek through the weird part of YouTube. We’ve all come out the other side in one piece, and seen some strange things while we’re away. Some of these videos are entertaining because of their inherent strangeness, while others may prompt you to take a long, hard look at yourself and everyone around you.

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  1. John
    July 7, 2019 at 5:25 am

    How did you not include, "Odd Stories for Odd Children"?! It doesn't get any stranger and unique! ;)

  2. Manex
    December 4, 2017 at 7:41 am

    iamxiaoli is the strangest I've seen. Definitely for the teaching genre the oddest approach. Dark and sad and scary and.... educational?

  3. Squalle
    June 25, 2017 at 5:52 am

    Some of these make me embarrassed to be the same species. And then people wonder why I generally hate people.

  4. Mark Tristan R. Ocampo
    December 21, 2016 at 11:53 am

    I wonder who hasn't watched #EpicMealTime on YouTube yet... ;)

    Haha! Yes, its a cooking show, its a food show. ;) Just search for it.

    • Ben Stegner
      December 21, 2016 at 5:38 pm

      I've never watched it myself, but know its reputation. That one is too well-known to be on this list, but it's a wild channel for sure!

      • Heimen Stoffels
        December 27, 2016 at 10:17 am

        The French Elevator Channel shouldn't be on this list because there are more channels out there with films of elevator rides. pnwelevator, PinePowerLI, just to name a few. It's actually a pretty common hobby, esp. in the western part of the world (Europe, Americas, etc.).

  5. likefunbutnot
    December 21, 2016 at 1:18 am

    I love a channel called "Silently Cooking."
    Dude makes food. No commentary. The videos are short and well made. I'm a fan.

    • Ben Stegner
      December 21, 2016 at 5:37 pm

      That's a funny one! I could see it on this list, but it seems pretty helpful, actually!