Craigslist Car Research: Makes Buying Cars on Craigslist a Lot Easier

deans 26-11-2009

Buying a car is a trying task. There’s so much to think of; make, model, styles, price, reliability, history etc”¦ The list goes on and on. That’s why I found this add-on for Mozilla Firefox particularly useful when buying a car on Craigslist.


The add-on, analyzes car listings on Craigslist and gives useful feedback in different areas. Firstly, it will scour Craigslist to see if the user has any other advertisements up. It does this by searching for contact details like a phone number or an e-mail address. This helps determine if the seller may be scamming people.

buying car on craigslist

It will then search numerous sites for reviews of that particular model. For example, in the screenshot below we can see a review which originated from MSN Autos. By finding car reviews, this add-on take much of the stress away when buying a particular model. Finally, it will flag certain keywords requiring your attention such as “˜accident’ and the number of owners.

Craigslist Car Research: Makes Buying Cars on Craigslist a Lot Easier adonflaggs thumb

Overall, this is a good and very useful add-on for anyone shopping on Craigslist for used cars.



Get Car Research Add-on@ [No Longer Available]

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