CostToDrive: Estimate Gas Cost For Your Next Travel

Kaly (Arslan Esengulov) 04-10-2008

Want to get a fairly good estimate on how much it would cost you to drive in your car from one place to another? Check out, a free gas cost calculator for driving within the United Status. Quite useful to help budget out for time and gas costs before a big trip. Or even for figuring out driving vs. flying costs.


As some of you might rememeber we have already covered DrivePricing. CostToDrive does pretty much the same thing. Enter your starting and destination points, car model and make year, and get back an estimated gas mileage cost.

Cost To Drive - estimate gas cost for travel

Features :

  • Get estimates on how much it will cost you to drive from one city to another.
  • See the route map (covers only routes within United States).
  • No registration required.

Check out CostToDrive @

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  1. Aibek
    October 28, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    Sounds great, thanks for the info, I am sure many users will appreciate that.

  2. Jim
    October 28, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Hi There,

    Jim here. I'm the President and one of the co-founders of I wanted to followup to provide an update of some of the enhancements we've made since launch - some of which we rolled out just last night:

    - we have added another 10 years of vehicle data so we now have 20 years going back to the 1990 model year.
    - we now include premium and diesel fuel prices and pull the grade and type based on what the manufacturer recommends
    - we've added some visual treatments to make it easier for users to understand how we arrive at the cost
    - we now include the cost to fly so you can compare with the cost to drive for trips over 200 miles.