CostOfLivingComparison: Cost of Living Comparison Between Cities

TehseenBaweja 19-07-2010

The biggest problem people often face, when accepting a job abroad, is to figure out the cost of living in that country. Finally there is a tool that can help you with that. The CostOfLivingComparison tool compares the city you already live in to the city you want to move to and tells you the difference in cost of living.


Not only that, the tool breaks down the comparison by categories such as food, rent, housing, transportation, health and entertainment. You can click on any of the categories to see further details on how major items in that category compare. For example, clicking on food will show you a comparison between things like bread, cheese, milk and coke. Users can also contribute data for the city they live in to make the tool better.

cost of living comparison between cities


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