Cortana Can Be Your Personal Dictionary in Windows 10
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You might know that Google can act as a dictionary as one of it many roles, but if you’re running Windows 10, there’s a dictionary even closer to you, and it’s not sitting on your shelf.

Cortana, the assistant who wears many hats, is happy to define any words you send her way.

Simply pull up Cortana by pressing the Windows Key on your keyboard or by clicking her icon on the left side of the Taskbar and type What does mumpsimus mean? and she would tell you that it means “a traditional custom or notion adhered to although shown to be unreasonable.” You can also phrase the question by typing “define sialoquent.”

This brings you a brief definition, which might not be enough for some words. If you need more info, hit Enter or click on the definition to bring up an expanded box with more info on the word, including origins and translations.

If that still doesn’t satisfy your quest for word knowledge, hit Enter again to search for the word on Bing and receive all the info you could ever need.

If you’re a language junkie, put those skills to the test (using some of your the new words you learn with Cortana!) with the best single-player word games.

What words have you looked up in the dictionary recently? Share any interesting definitions Cortana brought you down in the comments!

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