8 Cortana App Integrations You Have to Try

Dan Price 05-06-2017

Did you know Cortana can already cook your dinner, put the kids to bed, and wash your laundry? Okay, that’s not entirely true, but the depth of the personal assistant’s potential might surprise you.


Most Windows users probably only use her for reminders Hey, Cortana? Everything You Didn't Know to Ask and More Cortana can do a lot more than you think. This master list of basic and not-so-obvious commands will help you get to know your virtual assistant and increase your productivity. Read More , internet searches, and directions, but there’s a lot more to her than that.

Bryan Roper teased us about some of the potential back at CES 2016, but since then little has been said or written about how Cortana can help you outside of your immediate computing environment.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some third-party apps Cortana can integrate with.

How to See Your Cortana-Enabled Apps

Since Microsoft rolled out the Creators Update How to Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Now The Windows 10 Creators Update will roll out in April. Are you eager to try it? Or would you rather avoid it? We'll show you how to get Windows 10 1703 on your own schedule. Read More in early 2017, the process for finding which of your apps work with Cortana has changed.

Now you need to open Cortana and go to Home > Tips and tricks > See more tips > Show my Cortana-powered apps. Click on each individual app to see which verbal commands you can use.


cortana powered apps

Oddly, this menu is not accessible if you try and access it through Cortana tips section of Notebook.

Note: Some apps are country-specific. Cortana features might not be available on apps in your region.

1. Uber

We’ve all been there. You’re running late for a flight, train, or important meeting, and suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to book a taxi.


uber cortana

If you’ve configured the Uber app, you can get a taxi ordered without wasting precious seconds. Cortana will confirm the pick-up location and destination, let you know when your cab is on its way, and even track your journey across town.

Example commands:

  • “Get me a taxi on Uber”
  • “Get me an Uber X”

DownloadUber for Windows 10


2. Netflix

Sure, the Netflix integration might not be the most useful Cortana feature, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive.

Picture the scene. You sit on your sofa and press a button to roll down your projector screen. You ask Cortana to play your favorite movie on Netflix, and your SmartThings system Samsung SmartThings: The Future of Smart Homes? Samsung has supported the idea of the smart home for a long time, and their recent developments and flexibility make Samsung's SmartThings a solid investment for the future. Read More automatically turns off the lights and adjusts your smart speakers for movie playback.

It’s got a wow factor that’s hard to replicate.

netflix windows 10 cortana


Example commands:

  • “Find [show/movie] on Netflix”
  • “Play [show/movie] on Netflix”
  • “Look up [show/movie] on Netflix”

Download — Netflix for Windows 10

3. Fitbit

Fitbit and Cortana create a strange juxtaposition. On the one hand, being able to tell Cortana what you just ate is useful. On the other hand, the nature of Cortana is inherently going to make you lazier – thus defeating the purpose of using Fitbit in the first place.

cortana fitbit

Nonetheless, being able to log all your food and exercise so easily undoubtedly makes you more like to keep using the Fitbit ecosystem. Hopefully, it will help you move towards achieving your fitness goals 6 Tips to Finally Lose Weight with a Fitness Band A personal trainer can keep you focused, but it's expensive. Increasingly, people are turning to fitness bands instead. They can monitor your workouts, track your calories, and measure your body's cardio performance. Read More .

Example commands:

  • “Fitbit, I ate [food] for [meal]”
  • “Fitbit, I did [exercise] for [time]”

DownloadFitbit for Windows 10

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist will eventually be discontinued Microsoft To-Do vs. Wunderlist: Everything You Need to Know Microsoft To-Do will replace Wunderlist in the coming months. Learn about To-Do's best features, what's still missing, and how you can migrate from Wunderlist to To-Do. Read More . Microsoft intends to bundle its best features into the new To-Do app.

However, the company has promised Wunderlist won’t be shuttered until the entire migration is complete, so we might be waiting for a while.

wunderlist cortana

As such, if you’re a Wunderlist user, download the Windows Store app today and start using Cortana to organize your life.

Example commands:

  • “Create a Holiday Planning list”
  • “Add [task] to [list name]”
  • “Show me [list name]”

Even when Wunderlist eventually dies, it’s safe to assume these same commands will work in To-Do.

DownloadWunderlist for Windows 10

5. Marriott International

Remember when you had to rely on your personal secretary or company’s HR staff to book your hotel when you were traveling for business?

Not anymore. Cortana is well on the way to killing the role of a classic office secretary, and one of the first hotel groups to embrace the new reality is Marriott International.

marriott international cortana

Cortana can access the Marriott app and tell you about any upcoming reservations, search for nearby hotels The Best Hotel Search Engines to Grab Great Deals When You Travel We sat down to look for the best hotel booking experience online. The ones who are making it cheaper, easier and safer to get a room. Here are our definitive top 10. Read More , show you on-screen photos of your destination, and even recite local amenities and city guides for more than 700 global destinations.

Example commands:

  • “Find a hotel in [place]”
  • “Show my reservations”
  • “Show my rewards”

DownloadMarriott International for Windows 10

6. FeedLab

Don’t believe the rumors: the RSS format is alive and well Is RSS Dead? A Look At The Numbers RSS isn't dead: millions of people still use it. Let's look at a few numbers. Read More . The most recent figures suggest at least 22.5 million sites are publishing at least one feed, and several of those publish multiple feeds.

If you’re an avid RSS user, you might have stumbled upon FeedLab in the Windows Store. It’s highly customizable, works on most devices, and is easy to use.

Best of all, it also works with Cortana. Using the two services in conjunction, you can summon the latest news from your favorite sites or specific topics.

Example commands:

  • “FeedLab, look for a sports website”
  • “Show me the latest articles”
  • “FeedLab, open the category ‘News'”

DownloadFeedLab for Windows 10

7. Viber

WhatsApp might be the dominant force in the instant messaging world, but Viber is still going strong 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch WhatsApp for Viber WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app out there, but is it the best? Hit the link to find out why Viber might just be a better choice. Read More with more than 800 million registered users.

Also, unlike WhatsApp, the dedicated Viber app works on your desktop computer. Of course, you can use WhatsApp in your web browser, but then it won’t integrate with Cortana.

viber cortana

Using Cortana, you can send a message, place a call, and start a video call.

Example commands:

  • “Call [name] on Viber”
  • “Reply [message] on Viber”
  • “Tell [name] [message] on Viber”
  • “Start a video call with [name] on Viber”

DownloadViber for Windows 10

8. Bank of America

Banking apps don’t seem to be likely candidates for receiving Cortana integration. But, if you have money with Bank of America, you’ll be surprised at how well the combination works.

It’s one of the most integrated apps on this list. You can get balances, pay bills, transfer money between accounts, learn about nearby ATMs, and even contact customer support.

bank of america cortana

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the app’s integration with the People app. You can import contact details and send money to any contact you have saved.

Example commands:

  • “Where is the nearest ATM?”
  • “Send money to [name]”

DownloadBank of America for Windows 10

Which Are Your Favorite Cortana Integrations?

I’ve shown you eight apps that integrate with Cortana. They all have very different purposes from each other, but they all utilize Cortana’s abilities to make interacting with the product or service faster and smoother.

And this is just the start. In late-2016, Microsoft announced it would make Cortana available to third-party device makers. As 2017 progresses, we can expect to see a slew of new apps and products with Cortana integrations.

But what other apps integrate with Cortana right now? Which services do you rely on to make yourself more productive?

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    On my Windows 10 Pro computer, I only have Cortana -> Home -> See all tips. There is no "Show my Cortana-powered apps".

  2. Ratindra
    June 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Cortana also has integration with "Freecharge" in India. It is helpful in paying Utility & Mobile bills.