Copy Is Shutting Down: Here’s How to Move Your Data Now

Ben Stegner 16-02-2016

Copy, one of the many cloud storage providers on the market, is shutting down on May 1. With its generous 15 GB offered for free, it was a popular storage option — but now you’ll need to get any data stored in the service out by May 1, 2016 or it will be gone forever.


Thankfully, there’s no need to panic, because Copy has provided a tool to help you relocate your files. Using (the same tool we recommended for moving your OneDrive data after its free space was reduced How to Move OneDrive to Google Drive After Storage Cut The Internet is angry at Microsoft. After promising unlimited storage with the Office 365 subscription, and 15 GB of storage for free users, the company has reneged on its promise. All because some users abused... Read More ), you can move all of your Copy data to OneDrive in just a few clicks. You’ll just have to authorize the service to use both of your accounts, then it will transfer everything over for you.

If you’re fed up with OneDrive, you can always use outside of Copy’s special setup to transfer your files to Google Drive or any other cloud provider — just be sure you have enough space to handle the transfer. Once you’re done, you can stop using Copy.

Your other option is to handle the files yourself and forgo transferring them to a different cloud service. To do this, just open up the Copy folder on your PC and copy all of its contents to a new location. Make sure that you visit your Copy account on the Web, too, to double-check for any files that weren’t synced to your desktop.

If you’ve only used Copy’s Web interface, you can follow their instructions to download the Windows application and get everything synced to your computer so you can move it elsewhere. Whatever option you choose, don’t delay, because it could take a while to move your data if you have a large amount.


To get over the loss of Copy, check out our guide on how to maximize your free space How To Get The Most Free Space On Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive & More - The Complete Guide Cloud storage services offer a minimum amount of free space to everyone who signs up, but you can often get more. You can upgrade your cloud drive with gigabytes and gigabytes of free space in... Read More elsewhere.

What service will you replace Copy with? Let us know if you’ve successfully transferred your data below!

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  1. Anonymous
    February 16, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Fortunately, By Backups Are Small - Only My 20+ Years Scripts.

    I Have Backed Them Up In Dozens And Dozens Of Free Storage Sites.

    Give Me A List Of Such Services And I Will Be Surprised If I Have Not Used Nearly Half Of Them.

    COPY Was Just 1 Of Such Services - Oh Well.