10 Cool PowerPoint Templates to Make Your PPT Presentation Shine

When preparing for a presentation, you need all the help you can get to launch your slide deck into success. If you’re investing your time into content that will help drive your point to the audience, it helps to hand off the slide designs to the pros that can do it best.

Throughout this tutorial, we’re going to survey 10 of the best cool PowerPoint templates that can help you skip the work of designing a presentation from scratch. With PowerPoint templates, you open the source file, add your design specifics, and create your finished presentation in less time than ever before.

How to Use Templates to Design Your Presentation

First, let’s look at why templates are so useful in designing your presentation.

If you haven’t used PowerPoint templates to build out your presentation before, it might feel like a learning curve to take on. How do you use the pre-built slides in a template, and how can you customize PowerPoint templates to match your ideas?

As you download cool presentation templates, you’ll find that the included presentation formats already have slides designed for practically every purpose. It’s this collection of pre-built ideas that make using templates so helpful. You don’t have to design on a blank canvas to bring your presentation to life, thanks to templates.

Here’s how you can use PowerPoint templates to save you time when designing your next presentation:

  1. Start with a template, like one of the examples featured below.
  2. Choose the slides in the presentation deck that fit with your content goals, setting aside those slides for use in your presentation.
  3. Add your content specifics to those starter slides to customize the PowerPoint presentation to your needs.
  4. Save and export the finished PowerPoint presentation with your details built-in, ready to present to an audience.

If you want to save time and create PowerPoint presentations, the solution is clear: start with a cool PowerPoint template. Let’s see some of the best examples.

Top 10 Cool PowerPoint Templates

Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite great PowerPoint templates that you can use to design your next presentation and the reasons why you should choose them.

1. Iconic PowerPoint Template

1. Iconic PowerPoint Template

Iconic is a cool PowerPoint template that you can use to design your next presentation. It has all the elements that you’re likely to find in the top presentation templates, including easily scalable icons that can add graphic explanations to your presentation.

2. Believe: Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

Believe: Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

The best PPT templates feature the ability to re-use the designs over and over across multiple presentations. Believe embodies this idea beautifully thanks to over 200 unique slide designs and 10 color schemes that are easy to work with. Build out your presentation using this PowerPoint template.

3. The X Note: PowerPoint Template

3. The X Note: PowerPoint Template

The X Note always has a corner as one of the most popular PowerPoint templates thanks to its slick design options. It’s an awesome presentation template that you can use to build out a professional slide deck that would feel right at home in the boardroom.

4. Buxe Creative and Multipurpose Template

4. Buxe Creative and Multipurpose Template

One of the best ways to build an informative presentation is by mixing in infographics that explain ideas with graphics. Buxe really captures this principle using easy-to-customize infographic objects; it’s packed full of easy-to-customize infographics that make it one of the best PPT templates around.

5. Baldo PowerPoint

5. Baldo PowerPoint

Choosing an awesome PowerPoint presentation comes down to selecting slides that will stand out from the crowd. Your audience has likely seen the same built-in Microsoft templates too many times, so using a cool and colorful template like Baldo is an easy way to set your upcoming presentation apart from the crowd. It’s easy to customize thanks to the drag-and-drop format.

6. Social Media Trends: PowerPoint Template

6. Social Media Trends: PowerPoint Template

There’s truly an awesome PowerPoint template for every purpose, including this Social Media Trends option. Use this cool PowerPoint template to show off your social channel trends and how you can improve on key platforms.

7. Startup Plan PowerPoint Template

7. Startup Plan PowerPoint Template

Every startup needs a cool PowerPoint presentation to get off the ground, and this template could be the perfect way to do it. Pitching your idea to potential investors and employees is about putting your best foot forward, and this awesome template full of clean slides and clear ideas will help you showcase your startup.

8. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

8. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

No matter what type of app, product, or service you run, a marketing plan can help you capture your key ideas in how you’ll spread the word. Use an awesome PowerPoint template like this one to capture all your key marketing ideas in one place.

9. Hush PowerPoint Template

9. Hush PowerPoint Template

Hush is a flexible PowerPoint template that works for a wide variety of presentation purposes. More than 90 finely tuned slide designs are a breeze to update with your details to make your next PowerPoint presentation shine. Open the template, add your details, and present it with confidence knowing you have an eye-catching set of slide designs.

10. Project Proposal PowerPoint Template

10. Project Proposal PowerPoint Template

When you’re pitching your brand-new project, it helps to capture the idea in a PowerPoint presentation. This slide deck will help you do just that in less time than ever before, thanks to easy-to-customize starter slides.

All-You-Can Download PowerPoint Templates

Great PowerPoint presentations take on a variety of formats and styles. And if you want the most variety and options for building your next presentation, the best platform to source templates is Envato Elements.

If you checked out all 10 cool PowerPoint templates in this roundup, you may have noticed that they’re all sourced from Envato Elements. Even better, all the templates are included as a part of a flat-rate Elements subscription.

However, that’s not the only reason that you should try out an Elements membership if you regularly build PowerPoint presentations.

In fact, a subscription to Elements includes all the complementary assets that can really fill out your next PowerPoint presentation. Envato Elements offers stock photos and graphics that you can add to your presentation to set it apart from the PowerPoint presentations your audience is accustomed to seeing.

Don’t forget that these assets are a part of the all-you-can-download Envato Elements subscription package. A few key stock photos or added graphics can round out a presentation nicely, and the advantage of subscribing is that there’s no added cost to including these in your presentation whenever you see fit.

Go Design a PowerPoint Presentation Now

When it comes to designing awesome PowerPoint presentations, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing the hard work of others to skip ahead. Using a cool PPT template can help you avoid reinventing the wheel as you’re building your presentation.

No matter which template you choose, there are three key principles to keep in mind while designing a PowerPoint presentation with a pre-built template:

  1. Use only the relevant slides: Most of the PowerPoint templates in this roundup feature dozens of built-in slides. The key is to sample from and use only the slides that pertain to your final presentation, deleting the unused slides.
  2. Customize the built-in slides to your style: A PowerPoint template serves as a great starting point. But you don’t have to give up using a template to completely customize it to your style; add your branding, color scheme, and content to completely transform it for your purposes.
  3. Mix and match presentations: In the 10 slide deck examples featured, you might find cool slides that you want to use from a variety of pre-built templates. You can use individual slides from each of these and combine them to build a winning presentation by copying and pasting slides between decks.

Consider using any and all of the Envato Elements templates covered in this roundup as a starting point for your presentation. Try out one of the templates so that you spend less time designing in PowerPoint and more time prepping to deliver your presentation with an impact.

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