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Be A Cool House DJ With iTunes DJ Song Lists

Jeffry Thurana 13-05-2010

dj song listsWhat’s a party without music?  A boring one is the answer. And if you are the host, what will that kind of party make you? An interesting filler for your friend’s gossip session.


If you don’t mind becoming the source of constant giggles behind your back, that’s fine. But you can easily turn the embarrassment into awe by making use of your songs collection and iTunes – with a little help from iTunes DJ feature.

The DJ Is In The House

The DJ feature is located at the top of the playlist’s list. If you don’t see it there, you can turn it on by going to the “Preferences“, choose the “General” tab and check the iTunes DJ box.

dj song lists

After clicking the iTunes DJ on the playlist, you will get the iTunes DJ front menu. To start, just click the “Continue” button.


itunes dj song lists

Then you will get the basic iTunes DJ song list. At first glance, it’s similar to other random playlists. But this DJ song list has unique features that makes it different from the rest. All you have to do is dig a little bit deeper.

dj software

The most noticeable feature is the ability to choose a source of music from the already available playlists.


Be A Cool House DJ With iTunes DJ Song Lists 04 Source of Music

Other features are hidden inside the “Settings“. Click on the button to reveal them.

dj software

You can choose how many songs that you want to display, and whether you want to play higher rated songs more often.


itunes dj

But the coolest feature is the ability to allow guests to request songs from your DJ song list from their iPhone or iPod Touch. To enable this feature, check on the “Allow guest to…” checkbox.

Then you can write down the welcome message, restrict the song source, allow guests to vote for songs, and – if you want to limit the request song feature to only selected guests (or to yourself) – enable a password.

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars

It’s already mentioned above that you can play high rated songs more often. But what if your songs have not been rated?  What is the easiest way to go from this :


itunes dj

To this?

itunes dj

Should you go through each and every song on your library and assign a rating one by one? The party will be finished long before you are done with the list.

There’s an easier way to rate your songs: use AutoRate (Mac only). This app will automatically assign stars to each and every song on your list based on how many times they’ve been played before.

Open the app and click Start. It will analyze your library and assign the rating. You’ll have your rated library in only a few seconds.

05b AutoRate in Progress.jpg

Play It Smart

You can make your iTunes DJ smarter by choosing “Smart Playlist” as the source of your songs. But before you can do that, be sure to create and customize one that suits your needs.

To create a smart playlist, go to “File – New Smart Playlist” menu (Command + Option + N).

06 Create New Smart Playlist.jpg

Add rules to your smart playlist by clicking the plus button and delete the ones that you don’t need by clicking the minus button. There are so many customizable factors that it’s impossible to explain them one by one. Experimenting is the key.

06b Smart Playlist Settings.jpg

For example, you can make your playlist consists of only songs that has been played at least once, and you can also limit the total playlist time to a number of hours that you prefer.

You can create several DJ song lists for different parties, so choosing songs for the next party is as easy as choosing the playlist source for your iTunes DJ.

Have you tried iTunes DJ? Do you know other alternatives to liven up your parties? Share your thoughts and opinions using the comments below.

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  1. Huepow00 (DJ EAR)
    May 14, 2010 at 3:38 am

    iTunes will not make you a "Cool House DJ" - and anyone who thinks said USE of iTunes is the mark of a real, professional DJ, is out of their mind.

    As innovative as iTunes appears - Don't be fooled. If your looking for a fairly smart program to choose and play a flowing collection of songs as background music - or are interested in allowing guests to vote in on song choice, go right ahead. But don't call yourself a DJ...and don't call iTunes a program that can DJ for you either.

    What it is, is a smart song player. You'll not be getting the same experience as you would with a professional DJ. No Scratching, No interesting or creative use of the music - And most DEFINITELY not the sense that 1 song's beat and rhythm will flow "perfectly" into the next...which is an art-form, and at the core of the DJ's ability.

    I would only use iTunes (actually I can't stand iTunes so I'm sure I would find a 3rd party program better suited for the task) for the sole purpose of smartly played background music in a small house gathering of a few friends and family.

    I would NOT use iTunes to try and maintain any kind of serious house party or dance floor...It's just not the same.