Converber: Carry Out Number Conversions Between All Units Of Everything

Umar 06-05-2013

Converber is a piece of freeware for computers running the Windows operating system. The application comes as an installable file as well as a portable zip archive – both versions are sized at nearly 0.7 MB. The function of the application is to enable a Windows computer user to carry out unit conversions between nearly all possible units currently being used.


conversions between units

When you run the application, there are 4 fields you should focus on. The left text field where you enter the number that you want to be converted; the left selection menu where you select the unit that your entered number is in; the right selection menu where you select the destination unit of the number; and the right text field where you can view the output generated by the application.

You can use the app from left to right and in the reverse order as well – the values in the text field will correspond to one another according to the units you have selected. In the unit selection menu you will find that there are options for mass units, weight units, volume units, electricity, and a lot more. Even currencies are supported. But since currency relationships are not constant, definitions for them can be updated by having the application update its values using the Internet.

The app’s preferences let you control how the numbers are shown in the interface. For example, you can use the dot symbol instead of the comma symbol to denote number grouping such as thousand.




  • A user friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Lets you convert numbers between numerous units.
  • Supports nearly all kinds of units.
  • Can update its unit rates / values from the Internet.

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