How to Control Netflix, YouTube, and VLC on PC Using Your Phone
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Just because you haven’t taken the plunge yet to buy a smart TV or digital media player that hooks up to your TV doesn’t mean you can’t sit back and watch something on Netflix while using a remote to control your watching experience.

The free app ControlPC makes it possible for Windows users to use their iOS or Android phone as a remote to control playback from afar. ControlPC is a great addition to any entertainment center, especially if you can connect your laptop to a TV via HDMI.

How to Control Netflix, YouTube, and VLC on PC Using Your Phone ControlPC Windows

After you download the app to your Windows computer and your iOS or Android phone, there’s one simple step to set it up: fire up the mobile app and you’ll see a six-digit number at the top of the screen. Enter that number on your Windows machine to pair the two devices.

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Now when you run Netflix, YouTube, VLC, or Windows Media Player, your phone can be used as a basic remote. You’ll have to first select what you want to watch at your PC, but then you can sit back and use your phone to play, pause, change volume, and skip forward or back in 10-second increments. You can also switch in and out of fullscreen mode.

While the app’s features and design are pretty bare-bones, it does exactly what it says it will do. ControlPC really sets itself apart with the incredibly easy and fast set up. In terms of actual use, you will probably find a slight lag in terms of responsiveness, and

Do you tend to watch Netflix on your computer? What are your must-have apps to make the experience more enjoyable? Let us know in the comments. 

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