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Take Back Control Of Your Day & Your Life Projects With Weave [iOS]

Saikat Basu 12-10-2012

ios project managementThat sounds like a clarion call to arms. In fact, it’s a declaration of war. But just for the sake of peace, the ‘enemy’ this time around are our disorganized habits, cluttered lifestyles, and lack of focus. Plus anything else that you can throw in there which backhands you and lays you flat on the productivity mat. We have all been there (and continue to be) – a feeling that the day is out of control, and there’s no direction.


Thanks to the richness of productivity apps in the marketplace, we can rein in the monsters that are leading us astray. Weave for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad pops its head with an elegant interface and price that reads zero. I am always game for the next best productivity app that’s out there, especially if it’s free.

If you are too, follow me below as I try it out.

A Beautiful and Elegant Design

What struck me immediately was the elegance about the app. I know it’s a hallmark of everything that’s Apple, but you would also agree that an app that’s supposed to help you organize your life has to have a refined quality. Weave doesn’t disappoint there.

ios project management

Weave helps you organize your day (and your life) around To-do’s and Projects. As quite a few of our to-do’s and life projects are dependent on finances, Weave also integrates incomes and expenses and helps you coordinate between the different facets of your life. Weave also tracks progress of each task and serves up reminders to help you keep to the job at hand.


ios project templates

Weaving Together A Day in Your Life

The smallest unit of planning in our life is a day. This is the screen you will see when you wake up…

ios project templates

It’s blank because we have yet to add any to-do’s or projects. There are quite a few ways you can start adding information to Weave.


You can click on top-right Plus sign…

You can open the side menu on the left…

ios project templates

And, you can click on the little right-directing arrows on the main screen. All of them lead you to a fresh To Do screen. Let’s save some tasks here.


ios project

If it’s a single task, I would leave it alone. But if the task has multiple steps or it is part of a larger job, it’s always better to create a Project.

ios project

You can start a Project just as easily you started your first to-do. Weave allows you share your projects with others like a team.


Weave gives you a single simple screen to track the progress of your projects.  After I organized my Dropbox folder (which was the first to-do on the list), I could tick it off as complete. You can give Weave some feedback, or just skip the screen which asks for it:

ios project

A completed to-do or one which shows some progress is reflected in completion percentage as shown in the screen below. The percentage tells you at a glance how much more needs to be done. The simple percentage can be a motivator as you head towards the finish line.

Take Back Control Of Your Day & Your Life Projects With Weave [iOS] weave09

The above project did not have an income or expense component. But if it did, you could enter it via the two buttons. The cool thing about the income and expense side of things is that you can tailor it to the local currency. Weave supports a long line of international denominations. The Income and Expense feature is simple for tracking basic home projects. But it wouldn’t be adequate for more professional jobs because expenses and incomes fall under multiple heads and there are more complex issues.

ios project management

The Settings on the app allow you to set alert reminders before a task is due. You can set aspects like the currency to use, and a facility to export your data as an attached file via email. You can also open a free account on the Weave website to sync your to- so you can use Weave on any iOS device and access plans and projects.

Job Done!

As we approach the end of this review, there are a few quirks. For instance, though it is mentioned as a feature, I couldn’t prioritize my projects. Maybe, I am missing something here. I also would have preferred to have alerts customized for each task. Some to-do’s after all need more of an advance notice compared to others. Apart from these two quirks, Weave is a capable task management app. It is simple and quick to set up and a joy to use- two vital ingredients for a task management app to be successful.

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  1. Edwin Williams
    October 12, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Looks fun! I use Springpad but I think I'll try this!

  2. Danielle Klaus
    October 12, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to trying out Weave. :)