10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now
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Programming jobs may not be as prestigious or easy to land as they once were, but the industry is still booming with opportunity. If you want to start a career in programming, you absolutely can. Anyone who tells you it’s “too late” is either lying or out of touch.

That being said, not all coding jobs are equal.

Would it be nice if video game developers could be paid the same as database engineers? Of course! But that simply isn’t realistic. Since landing a programming job can be tough in the current landscape, consider focusing on one of the following concentrations to improve your chances of success.

Software Development

10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now programming jobs software development

Programming job titles are vague, to say the least. “Software developer,” “software engineer,” “computer programmer,” and “application developer” can all point to the same job. Yet at the same time, one company’s “software developer” could be vastly different from the same title at another company.

Don’t bother with job title particulars. They all involve the same general process: gathering feature requirements for the software, designing a solution, and implementing said features. When searching for a software developer job, it’s more productive to look at industries instead:

  • Finance — Financial systems are some of the most advanced in the world, complete with complex algorithms, statistical analyses, and tons of data to be processed every day. Speed and security are of utmost concern. It’s high-pressure work that can burn you out fast, but if you can keep up, smart programmers are always in high demand here.
  • Government — Programmers are needed at all levels of government, for everything ranging from basic grunt work to the design and maintenance of vast systems. If you have expertise in computer and network security, you can even aim for clearance-restricted positions. Government work may not be exciting, but the benefits tend to be great.
  • Legacy — Technology is always advancing and most programmers focus on keeping up with new trends, but most long-running businesses operate on older tech stacks. Two types of jobs exist in this realm: maintaining/expanding legacy systems or porting legacy systems to newer tech stacks. Remember, what’s modern today could be legacy tomorrow.

Mobile Development

10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now programming jobs mobile development

According to Pew Research, approximately 72 percent of Americans owned an internet-connected smartphone in 2015. Many other countries reported similar figures: 67 percent in Canada, 68 percent in the U.K., 77 percent in Australia, and a whopping 88 percent in South Korea.

And those numbers are still on the rise.

The mobile app craze may or may not have peaked, but one thing’s for sure: mobile apps have a long future ahead of them and mobile app developers will be in demand 6 of the Best Paying Tech Careers for 2016 6 of the Best Paying Tech Careers for 2016 Investing in the right technology career requires planning and foresight. These six career options are expected to be the hottest in the next few years. Are you ready? Read More for quite some time. The industry is far from mature, but it has definitely settled in. Here are some ways you can take advantage:

Web Development

10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now programming jobs web development

Web development comprises a special niche in programming Programming vs. Web Development: What's the Difference? Programming vs. Web Development: What's the Difference? You might think application programmers and web developers do the same job, but that's far from the truth. Here are the key differences between programmers and web developers. Read More where the rules are unique. The languages, the architecture, the workflow, and the concepts tend to have little or no overlap with, say, business applications development or video game development. And more than any other coding industry, web developers tend to be freelancers.

If you choose to pursue this, you must know that there are three kinds of web developers: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. The languages and technologies you need to learn will depend on which type you want to be.

  • Front-end — A front-end developer takes the design of a website and brings it to life. Using languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you implement the functionality that makes a website interactive and operable. Such websites can be made from scratch or you can create and sell advanced themes for frameworks like WordPress.
  • Back-end — A back-end developer deals with the actual logic and data of a website. In terms of a car, a front-end developer builds things like the frame and doors, whereas a back-end developer handles everything under the hood. Common languages and frameworks include PHP (Laravel), Python (Django) Python on the Web: The Amazing Things You Can Build Python on the Web: The Amazing Things You Can Build Contrary to popular belief, Python isn't only useful for data processing and utility scripts. Next to JavaScript and Ruby, Python is one of the best languages to use for web development. Read More , JavaScript (Node.js), and Ruby (on Rails).
  • Full-stack — A full-stack developer handles both front-end and back-end. You can be a freelancer or an employee, but in either case, you make the website design come to life and implement the logic and data that keeps it persistent. It’s a lot of work, but full-stack developers are often in higher demand and tend to command higher wages.

Database Development

10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now programming jobs database development

Any software solution that involves data likely uses databases for storing that data. Smart database design is necessary to minimize complexity, optimize performance, and make sure the data can be easily queried and accessed by any program that needs it.

While databases go hand-in-hand with web development, that isn’t the only field where this is important. For example, governments and banks have massive internal databases. And because databases are so mission critical, dedicated database developers are often in high demand.

If you decide to specialize in databases, there are two major database types that you should know about. Mastering both would be ideal but not strictly necessary depending on your industry:

  • SQL — Pronounced “sequel,” these are the traditional kind of relational databases that have been used in computer programming for several decades. Whereas SQL is the language itself, multiple relational database management systems (RDBMS) exist. The most popular are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite.
  • NoSQL — A non-relational database type that offers more flexibility, scalability, and speed of development at the expense of less built-in structure and integrity. You also lose the universal SQL method of querying databases. NoSQL is currently quite trendy in web and mobile development (thanks to MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra), but SQL is still more popular and in higher demand overall.

Tips for Landing a Job Successfully

Picking a career path for your programming skills is only half the battle. The other half consists of writing the perfect resume How to Write the Perfect Resume for a Programming Job How to Write the Perfect Resume for a Programming Job Here are five things to do and five things to avoid when putting together your resume for a programming job. Read More and maximizing your job opportunities How To Improve Your Programming Career Opportunities How To Improve Your Programming Career Opportunities If you're hoping to start, restart, or otherwise improve your programming career, it isn't easy. If you are in college, the time is now. Here are some tips that can take you far. Read More . And don’t forget that programming knowledge isn’t the only skill you need — all tech workers need these “soft” skills 6 Soft Skills Every Technology Worker Needs for Career Success 6 Soft Skills Every Technology Worker Needs for Career Success Some special skills are lacking in the IT field. For career success, you need the right attitude. Here are six important soft skills that'll get you noticed at your next IT job interview. Read More .

Or perhaps you’ve made it this far and decided that programming isn’t right for you 6 Signs That You Are Not Meant To Be A Programmer 6 Signs That You Are Not Meant To Be A Programmer Not everyone is cut out to be a programmer. If you aren't completely sure that you're meant to be a programmer, here are some signs that may point you in the right direction. Read More . If so, that’s okay! It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy and succeed as a programmer. Fortunately, there are plenty of other tech jobs you can pursue instead Coding Isn't For Everyone: 7 Tech Jobs You Can Get Without It Coding Isn't For Everyone: 7 Tech Jobs You Can Get Without It Don't be discouraged if you want to be a part of the tech field -- there are plenty of jobs for people who don't know how to code! Read More .

How about you? Which programming path will you be taking? Are there any other high-demand coding positions that we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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