Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle Will Get You Building Apps in No Time
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Ruby on Rails is the language of many successful startups, powering the likes of Twitter and Spotify. If you’re an aspiring developer looking to break into tech, the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle offers over 100 hours of instruction so you can do just that. Grab it for just $39 from MakeUseOf Deals — hundreds of dollars off the regular price.

Buy: The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

The Course Lineup

You’ll dive into 10 courses encompassing virtually everything you’ll need to master Ruby on Rails inside and out. The first courses start you off with the bare-bones basics, instructing upon how to setup your development environment, build a server, and create files using a command line and generator.


You’ll work towards advanced skills such as debugging code so that your apps work pristinely, or writing and interpreting the most complex of Ruby syntax. All of which you’ll put to use building streamlined apps using one of the web’s most popular development frameworks — and adding an impressive line to your resume to boot.

Get Over 570 Lessons for $39

It’s worth $3,000 altogether, but you can save over 90% off this expansive training bundle for a limited time only. Grab the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle for just $39, and take your first steps towards a lucrative app-building career today.

Buy: The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

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