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Judging the popularity search of terms Memes Are Now Officially Bigger Than Jesus Memes Are Now Officially Bigger Than Jesus Memes are now officially bigger than Jesus, and we actually have the data to back up that claim. Read More  using services like Google Trends and Keywords can be a useful exercise if you’re trying to improve content creation or to understand what people are searching for. But sometimes a service comes along that harnesses Google’s power for a goofy reason.

Google Fight is just that.

The site is pretty simple. You can enter two keywords or phrases, and Google Fight will throw the pair of them into the ring, letting you know which one is the winner. The winner is determined by which term is more visible on the search engine.

Google Fight

According to the site, which is not affiliated with Google, the results are the product of an algorithm that calculates the number of results returned for each keyword and the number of times users perform that search each month.

The same search term could get a different score in two different tests. According to Google Fight, that is because the score is relative to the score of the other keyword or term.

While the service really doesn’t offer much else, it’s a fun way to get a quick sense of what people are more interested in, or what has the most visibility on Google.

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