Comment Save: A Chrome Extension to Save & Track Your Comments

abhijeet 25-12-2010

Comment Save is a useful Chrome extension that can save the comments you post on various sites, as well as text you type on sites like Facebook and Yahoo Answers. The data is stored locally so you don’t have to worry about privacy and it doesn’t work on email compose boxes, or username/password fields on any site.


It can save text as you type, like in the screenshot below. You can see that it has already started saving this post as I write it. Clicking on “view all comments” will direct you to a page where it lists all the text it has saved.

track your comments

track comments

The tool is useful but needs more features, like site filters, a better interface for comment display etc. It won’t work on commenting systems like Disqus either – only pure text boxes. You could still use it as an emergency online text backup tool.


  • Chrome extension to save comments and online text.
  • Simple interface. Saves text on multiple text line boxes only.
  • Works on Facebook, Gawker blogs, WordPress and most of the news sites.

Check out Comment Save @

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  1. Anonymous
    December 26, 2010 at 9:33 am


    I am the author of the extension and I'd like to point out that Disqus comments are saved now (the one im typing up right now on your site for example). Currently the link to the page is not fully operational for Disqus comments but I hope to get that working soon.

    I also added a simple option in the popup to disable/enable the saving of your comments.

    Thanks for the feedback and the post! I hope to implement filters soon.