Colors Palette Generator: Extract Colors From an Image
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Colors Palette Generator is an online tool that lets you extract colors from an image and generate set of color palettes. You can extract colors either from images on your computer or the web.

To start, simply select image and press on “Get Palette” button. Set of color palletes will be generated, you can then use your mouse to compare and view the hexadecimal code of each color on the pallete.

extract colors from image

generate color palette from image

You can save the colors as a CSS Stylesheet (.css file) or Photoshop swatches (.aco file). The application supports PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG image formats with a maximum size of 1 MB.


  • Generate color palette from an image file.
  • Save colors palette as a CSS Stylesheet (.css file) or Photoshop swatches (.aco file).
  • Compare and view palette color by selecting with mouse.
  • Max file size: 1 MB.
  • Supported image formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG..
  • Free and no registration.
  • Similar sites: Pic2Color, Color Palette Generator and Color Combos.

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