CollabShot: Capture & Upload Screenshots With a Single Click
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Screenshots are used for various purposes but if yours is simply to share them with other people, it is hard to find a better tool than CollabShot. This lightweight desktop tool works on almost all operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad and automatically uploads the captured screenshot to the web.

All you have to do is press “Ctrl +P”, CollabShot will capture the entire current screen, upload it to the web space and even copy the URL of the uploaded image to your clipboard. If you would rather capture only a part of the screen, there is a keyboard shortcut for that too.

Keyboard shortcuts can be changed or deactivated anytime and images can also be manually uploaded to the CollabShot web space.

upload screenshots

upload screenshots


  • Capture and upload screens in a single click.
  • Automatically copies the link to your clipboard.
  • Easy to capture only a part of the screen.
  • Works with most desktop and mobile OS.
  • Similar tools: LightShot, CaptureFullPage, Snapcasa and WebSnapr.

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