Cointossr: Toss A Coin Online
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Tossing a coin is probably the most common way when it comes to deciding on something between two individuals. But what if you don’t have a coin handy ? With Cointossr, you don’t need a physical coin. It is a simple but pretty interesting site that lets you toss a coin with a friend simultaneously in the browser.

Cointossr: Toss A Coin Online  cointossr1

When you go to the site, it generates a random link and waits until you share that link with your friend. As soon as he hits the link, both of you are presented with the result of the toss. It also works in different browsers on the same computer.

So next time you go for a toss but you can’t seem to find a coin – but you have a net connected PC right in front of you, then this is the website you need to visit.

Cointossr: Toss A Coin Online  cointossr2


  • A fun website that emulates tossing a coin.
  • Works in separate browsers on the same computer.
  • A simple and minimalistic user interface.
  • A coin is tossed when two people visit the same link.

Check out Cointossr @

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