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MOin 13-05-2010

When you are working on a software or website project, you often have to work in a team. Since each developer works individually on his or her own computer, it might be a little difficult to obtain the other group member’s files and code to compile our project. A convenient solution to this is presented by Codeita.


free web development application

Codeita is a free to use website that lets users sign up for a free account. This account can then be used to upload codes and compilation files to a FTP server.

Once our Codeita account has been formed we can create multiple projects and keep on adding files to it. Such “cloud computing” can be used to share our work with our teammates and our clients. Having our project and its work stored online also means that our files will not be vulnerable to any hardware defects. In case we lose a hard drive or our whole computer, our files will still be safe on Codeita.

A great cloud computing solution for developers, Codeita will perfectly serve all programming professionals.

free web development application


free web development application

free web development application


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