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Clutch Chairz Launches Adjustable Gaming Desks for PC Gamers

Ben Stegner 08-01-2019

Clutch Chairz, known for its PC gaming chairs, has shown off some new gaming desk options at CES 2019.


The most exciting product is an adjustable gaming desk. The entire surface is covered in mousepad, making it easy to play at whatever angle and with whatever setup you like. Like most desks for this purpose, it also includes a gap at the back for funneling cables through.

With a minimum height of 28 inches and maximum of 48 inches, everyone will be able to find a setting that works for them. The desk also includes a wireless charger so you can keep your phone or other compatible accessories charged up.

Clutch Chairz released this desk in the past few weeks, and it will be available on Amazon soon. It retails for $599, which is several hundred dollars cheaper than assembling a similar setup on your own.

Clutch Chairz Launches Adjustable Gaming Desks for PC Gamers clutch adjustabledesk ces2019 1

Adjustable desks are great for giving yourself options, which PC gamers are all about. If you don’t want to worry about where your mouse goes during play, the full-coverage mousepad is ideal. Thus, for those looking into building a custom station for gaming, this is definitely worth taking a look at.


Clutch showed off another desk option at CES. This L-shaped desk is covered in mousepad, like the above, but offers a larger surface for more monitors or accessories.

The standalone desk is 66 inches, with a 48-inch attachment piece forming the “L” shape. If you like, you can also purchase an additional piece of the desk to form a full U-shape. You’ll find the straight edge of the desk useful, as it lets you easily attach peripherals.

The U-shaped desk retails for $600. If you’re upping your gaming setup and looking to replace an old desk, these are some solid choices. Casual gamers need not apply due to the higher cost, but if you want to gain a competitive edge, give them a look.

After all, customizing your play space is just as important as your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories!

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