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How to Close Safari Tabs on Mac, iPad, or iPhone Remotely From Anywhere

Saikat Basu 03-07-2017

By now, you know that one of the reasons to own Apple devices is the way they work in tandem. And this integration can keep you safe and secure in many situations.


One of the many little iOS tricks 15 Essential Safari iOS Tips & Tricks for iPhone Users A surprising number of useful actions in Safari on iOS are hidden behind long presses, gestures, and 3D Touch. Read More you can use is to walk away from a Safari browsing session on your Mac and then close the open browser tabs from your iPhone.

Remotely Close Your Safari Tabs

Left your iPad or Mac behind with an open webpage you don’t want anyone else to see? Maybe your Facebook page? Or your online bank account?

You can use the feature of iCloud sync between your Apple devices to see the tabs you have open in your remote device, and then selectively close them with a tap.

This is most useful to do with an iPhone because you’re more likely to be away from your computer while having your phone on your person. Rarely will it be the other way around. However, the process is the same either way.

  1. Go to Safari’s tab view on iOS.
  2. Tap the Tab Switcher at the bottom of the screen and scroll down till you find iCloud Tabs.
  3. This displays all the open tabs on the remote device. Find the tab you want to close. Swipe left and hit Close.
    iCloud Tab
  4. iCloud takes a few seconds to sync the actions over the cloud, but it hits the bulls-eye.

This is the same feature that allows you to open a tab on one device and switch to another for reading it. To read, just tap on the selected page on the list.


Try it on macOS. If you are on your Mac and want to view open tabs in other Apple devices, go to the Safari toolbar. Click the Tabs button. A list of open tabs from your other supported devices appears at the bottom of the Safari window.

Of course, it is obvious that the devices should be on the same Apple ID for it work. Also, even if you quit Safari, put your device to sleep, or switch it off, iCloud Tabs are not removed. Tabs are automatically removed after 14 days if they are not viewed.

Do you use iCloud Tabs?

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