Clickberry: Make Objects Within Your Videos Clickable To Enable Interaction With The Audience
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In the last few years, we have seen online video sharing get more popular every day. While there have been numerous amazing video platforms with excellent interfaces for video-makers to share their work on, the interaction options for the audiences have always been very limited.

For example, if you check out a video on YouTube, in what ways can you interact with it? You can leave a comment or reply to the comments of others – that is all. At most, you can leave a video response to that particular video. But what if there was something that offered a more direct interaction with the video? What if a tool enabled you to make objects within your video clickable? This is precisely what is offered by Clickberry.

making videos clickable

Clickberry is currently a free to use service that helps people make their video more interactive. The application creates software for Mac and Windows computers along with iPad devices. The software versions released for these platforms enable users to define clickable regions within the video. You can easily begin highlighting important moments in a video, add a hyperlink to an object in the video, add Facebook like buttons, and so much more.


Even people can be tagged within the video at the interval that they are seen on the video. Such interaction options are truly unprecedented and hold a lot of possibilities for online video sharing.


  • A user friendly desktop service.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows computers.
  • Comes for the iPad as well.
  • Lets you make video areas clickable and make them interactive.
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