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Israel Nicolas 27-02-2010

Sometimes, the hardest part in proofreading a text document before is dealing with the tiniest nitpickings in formatting. Fortunately there are some tools that can help you easily fix various formatting issues. An example of such is, a web based text clean up app that basically tidies up your text by replacing double quotes with smart quotes and modifying consecutive dashes (–) into a more proper em-dash (“”). Using this tool makes your text more presentable and readable.


text clean up

To cleanup your text using this tool, simply paste the block of text in the “Input” text box in the site. After clicking the “Pretty it up!” button, the newly-formatted text will then appear in the “Output” box. Also, a log will show the changes done to your text so you’ll know exactly what the tool did to your text. This tool works smartly as well as it doesn’t cause an opening smart quote to render incorrectly by an unpaired smart quote from a previous paragraph.

All in all, is a pretty useful tool for cleaning up text if you handle a lot of documents with quotation marks and em-dashes.


  • Cleanup texts with quotation marks and em-dashes.
  • Transforms double quotes into smart quotes.
  • Transforms consecutive dashes into a more proper em-dash.
  • Free, no signup is required.
  • Similar Tool: GoFormat and Pretty Printer.

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