Cleanest Addon Manager: Clean Up Your Addon Manager [Firefox]

Dave LeClair 25-06-2012

Do you like to download a lot of addons in Firefox? Who doesn’t? They can make the browser do some fantastic things. They make life easier and more efficient. However, when you download too many, accessing them can be a real pain. Thankfully, Clean Addon Manager does exactly what its name implies. It cleans up Firefox’s default manager and makes it easier to use if you have a high amount of them installed.


firefox addon clean up

The irony of installing another addon to clean up an addon overload is not lost on anyone. Nevertheless, if it is what we need to do to make things easier to manage, so be it. When you install this, you will still see all the information you would normally, but now it will be a greatly condensed version. It makes your browsing life easier. It doesn’t even require you to restart your browser. You simply install it, and within seconds, you will have a clean addon page.


  • Condenses addon manager.
  • Makes it easier to find the addon you need.
  • Does not remove any information, just organizes it better.

Find Cleanest Addon Manager @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. Lisa Santika Onggrid
    October 11, 2012 at 4:20 am

    It's still so similar to the default, so I think I'll stick... Whoever install that many addons anyway? That browser would crawl its way to startup.