Cinetonic: Your Cinematic Browser Video Viewer [Chrome]

Every now and then YouTube can get a little distracting with all of its sidebar ads and recommended videos. Wouldn’t it be nice to view videos as they were meant to be seen? With the Chrome extension The Best Chrome Extensions A list of only the best extensions for Google Chrome, including suggestions from our readers. Read More Cinetonic, you can watch your videos without the extra addons and distractions. By providing a distraction-free experience, Cinetonic is perfect for sharing your presentations, videos, and other digital content with others in a much classier manner.

Like other apps in our directory, Cinetonic is powerful yet simple. It allows users to view videos in their browsers with an ambient backlight, auto replay, auto HD, and mouse-wheel volume control. In short, Cinetonic allows your video to be presented in the best way possible to an audience whether they are on your living room couch or in an auditorium in front of a projector.

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By popping Chrome into fullscreen mode, you’ll see that Cinetonic displays videos in a very clean way. Furthermore, you can change the color of its backdrop to a variety of hues. This is helpful whenever you are in need of something to match the mood of the setting you are in.

Cinetonic: Your Cinematic Browser Video Viewer [Chrome] cinetonic2

Admittedly, Cinetonic is a one-trick pony, but it can pack a punch when properly used. No, you won’t find yourself scrambling to your computer every second you get just so you can use this Chrome extension. However, when the time comes, you’ll be happy that you have it.


  • Cleanly displays videos for your audience.
  • Ambient backlight.
  • Auto replay.
  • Auto HD.
  • Mouse wheel volume control.
  • Customizable background color.

Install Cinetonic now from the Chrome Web Store. [No Longer Available]

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