All Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts: The Chrome OS Cheat Sheet

Ben Stegner 11-03-2019

Keyboard shortcuts are the key to unlocking enhanced productivity on any device. While the mouse is handy, you can accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time without your hands ever leaving the keyboard.


Even though a Chromebook offers a slimmed-down experience compared to Windows or a Mac, it still packs plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Some of them are identical to Chrome offers on other platforms, but plenty of others are unique to Chrome OS.

We’re here to help with a mega-cheat sheet of Chromebook shortcuts. With these, you can edit text, access Chrome’s various functions, swap apps, and much more. We even have some shortcuts that use the trackpad if you just can’t let go of the mouse. Let’s take a look!

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The Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Basic Chrome Functions
Ctrl + POpen Print dialog
Ctrl + SSave the current webpage
Ctrl + RRefresh the page
Ctrl + Shift + RRefresh the page without loading cache
Ctrl + OOpen a file
Ctrl + HView History
Ctrl + JOpen Downloads
Ctrl + DBookmark current page
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmark all open tabs
Ctrl + Shift + BToggle bookmarks bar
Alt + EOpen Chrome's menu
Search + EscOpen Task Manager
Ctrl + UView page source
Ctrl + Shift + IOpen the Developer Tools panel
Navigating Tabs and Windows
Ctrl + NOpen new window
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen new incognito window
Ctrl + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Shift + WClose current window
Ctrl + Shift + TReopen last closed tab
Ctrl + 1 — Ctrl + 8Switch to tab 1-8
Ctrl + 9Switch to last tab
Ctrl +TabMove to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabMove to prior tab
Ctrl + ClickOpen link in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + ClickOpen link in a new tab and switch to it immediately
Shift + ClickOpen link in a new window
Apps and Shelf
Alt + 1 — Alt + 8Open shelf apps 1-8
Alt + 9Open last app on the shelf
Alt + TabSwitch to last-opened app; keep pressing to cycle through apps
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch to least recently opened app; keep pressing to cycle through apps
Alt + [Pin current app to the left side of the screen
Alt + ]Pin current app to the right side of the screen
Alt + Equals (=)Maximize current window
Alt + Minus (-)Minimize current window
Search + Alt + MMove window between screens (when using multiple monitors)
Webpage Navigation
Ctrl + Plus (+)Zoom in
Ctrl + Minus (-)Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 (Zero)Reset zoom to 100%
Ctrl + FSearch the current page
Alt + LeftGo back one page
Alt + RightGo forward one page
Alt + UpScroll up page. Equivalent to Page Up key in Windows
Alt + DownScroll down page. Equivalent to Page Down key in Windows
Ctrl + Alt + UpJump to top of page. Equivalent to Home key in Windows
Ctrl + Alt + DownJump to bottom of page. Equivalent to End key in Windows
Chrome OS System
Shift + Alt + NShow notifications
Ctrl + Forward Slash (/)Open Help
Ctrl + Alt + Forward Slash (/)Show Chrome OS shortcuts reference window
Search + LLock screen
Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice)Sign out of Google account
Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+)Increase screen resolution
Ctrl + Shift + Minus (-)Decrease screen resolution
Ctrl + Shift + Zero (0)Reset screen resolution
Alt + Brightness Up/DownIncrease/decrease keyboard backlight (if applicable)
Ctrl + Window SwitcherTake screenshot of the entire screen
Ctrl + Shift + Window SwitcherTake screenshot of selected region
Ctrl + Full ScreenToggle external monitor modes (if applicable)
Text Editing
Alt + SearchToggle Caps Lock
Alt + BackspaceDelete next character. Equivalent to Delete key on Windows
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete previous word
Ctrl + Alt + BackspaceDelete next word
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + LSelect all text in the address bar
Ctrl + Right/LeftMove the cursor to the next/previous word
Ctrl + Shift + Right/LeftSelect next/previous word
Shift + Search + Right/LeftSelect all text to the end/beginning of the current line
Ctrl + Search + Right/LeftJump to the end/beginnning of a text field/document
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste without formatting
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Trackpad Shortcuts
Alt + ClickEquivalent to a right-click
Click with three fingersEquivalent to a middle-click
Swipe up or down with two fingersScroll up or down on the page
Swipe right/left with two fingersGo forward/back one page
Swipe down with three fingersEquivalent to the Window Switcher key
Swipe right/left with three fingersMove between open Chrome tabs
Accessibility/Advanced Navigation
Shift + Alt + BHighlight bookmarks bar; use arrows to navigate
Shift + Alt + THighlight the icons in the address bar row
Shift + Alt + SHighlight the status area at the bottom-right
Shift + Alt+ LHighlight the first shelf icon
Ctrl + BackMove to previous keyboard-accessible area on screen
Ctrl + ForwardMove to next keyboard-accessible area on screen
Shift + Search + Volume UpOpens right-click menu for highlighted element
Search + Ctrl + HToggle high contrast mode
Search + Ctrl + MMagnify the entire screen
Search + Ctrl + DMagnify part of the screen
Ctrl + Alt + ZToggle ChromeVox, the built-in screen reader
Ctrl + EnterAdd "www." and ".com" to text in the address bar and open page
Ctrl + Period (.)Show hidden files in Files app
Search + 1 — Search + Equals (=)Use F keys (F1 through F12)
Ctrl + Alt + Period (.)Switch to next user (if applicable)
Ctrl + Alt + Comma (,)Switch to previous user (if applicable)
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceCycle between keyboard languages (if applicable)
Alt + Shift + MOpen Files app

Taking Shortcuts on Your Chromebook

Don’t be overwhelmed if this seems like a lot. You don’t have to commit to learning all these Chrome OS shortcuts at once. Pick a few that integrate into your workflow and will save you the most time. Once you’ve mastered those, you can add more into your routine.


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