How to Turn Gmail Into a To-Do List and Calendar With a Chrome Extension

Sandy Writtenhouse 07-06-2017

If you are looking for an easier way to connect your emails or your to-dos to your calendar, then look no further than Handle for Gmail. This extension for Google Chrome will boost your productivity with tools that are completely linked. You can save time How to Use Google's Productivity Tools to Maximize Your Time Google Keep, Google Calendar, and Gmail are productivity tools that can help you manage your time. We demonstrate how you can use Google's free tools to optimize your workday. Read More , get things done, and never forget an important event with one handy add-on.


Handle To-Dos

Turn Emails Into Tasks

One of the best features of Handle is the ability to turn your emails into to-dos. When using Gmail in Chrome, select the email and either hit the T key or click the Handle button and then the large plus sign.

First, Handle will pop open in the sidebar view. Second, the email subject line will display as a new to-do title. And third, the email will be automatically attached to your task.

If you have Handle in full-screen view, just click the large plus sign to transform the email into a to-do.

You can then make changes to the name, add a reminder, set a due date, include a note, and move the task to an existing or new project. When you finish your edits, just click Save.

Add New Tasks

From the main menu on the sidebar or full-screen view of Handle, you can create a brand new task quickly. Either select New To-Do under the To-Dos list or click the small plus icon from the top.


You can then add the task name along with the same items as above for dates and notes. To create a smart to-do, you can include words such as today, tomorrow or next Monday in the task name. This will set a reminder automatically.

handle for gmail create task

If you do choose to set up a reminder, an option to make the to-do repeat will appear. Then pick your preference from every day, week day, week, month, or year. Note that if your task has a due date, it cannot repeat. The repeat feature works only with the reminder feature.

Set Up Projects

Another terrific highlight of Handle is its project feature. To get started, select New Project from the Projects list from the main menu on the sidebar or full-screen view. You can create multiple projects that include tasks within each.


With simple settings, you can name your project, assign it a color, give it a due date, and create a reminder.

handle for gmail create project

If you need to edit an existing project, select the name of the project in either view and click Settings.

Use Location-Based Reminders

If you are toting around your Chromebook Get Creative While Offline With These 8 Amazing Chrome Apps Keep your creativity flowing where you're on-the-go with these incredible offline apps for Google Chrome. Read More or use Handle on a mobile device, then you can take advantage of location-based reminders. To set up places like home, work, or school, select New Location from the Locations list.


You also have this option when you create a task reminder. Click Where at the top and then New Location.

handle for gmail where

You can then either enable your location for it to automatically display or enter an address into the search box. Give it a name and click Save. Then, when you want to use a location-based reminder, this new place will show up in your list of options.

handle for gmail create location


To edit or delete an existing location, select its name and then click Settings for your options.

Work With the Calendar

Connect Calendars

Handle connects to your current calendars easily. When you create an account, you will be prompted to select the calendars that you want to see. If you need to edit this, you can do so from your Settings at any time.

handle for gmail calendars

In Chrome, click the Handle button and then enter full-screen view. On the menu on the left, click your name and under Calendar Options, select Calendars to make your adjustments.

On your mobile device, select Settings from your left-hand menu to access the options.

Create Events

While the mobile app has a convenient tab for the calendar, when you are using Gmail in Chrome, your Handle calendar will display any time you are in full-screen mode. From there, you can view your events by day, week, or month.

handle for gmail create event

To add an event, click the correct date and start time within any calendar view and a pop-up box will display. Then, just enter the event name, select the related calendar if you have connected more than one, and optionally enter a location or note. When you finish, click Save.

handle for gmail gif

To adjust the time of an event on your calendar, simply drag the end time to make it longer or shorter. Or if the time has completely changed, you can move the entire event by dragging it.

Connect To-Dos With the Calendar

You can also turn tasks into calendar events or add the due date and time to a task by using the calendar. In full-screen view, just drag the to-do from the left to where you want it on the calendar and that’s it.

The task will then show up on your calendar, contain the date and time, and still display in your list of to-dos.

handle for gmail gif

Mobile Sync

You can currently use Handle on your iOS mobile device for free or jump onto the waiting list for Android by visiting the Handle website.

If you enjoy Handle for Gmail on Chrome, then syncing with your mobile device is a great way to stay updated no matter where you go. The iOS app offers a few additional features that you will find useful:

Are Your Ready to Handle Your Gmail Better?

Handle for Gmail might be just the Chrome extension you need to keep your work flowing 25 Chrome Extensions to Make You More Productive We hear so much about productivity. How do we become more productive? What can help us be extra productive? Which tools make us the most productive? Read More . Why stop what you are doing to create a task or appointment after receiving an email? Try Handle for Gmail and turn that message into a to-do or event quickly and easily. And don’t forget to use Handle’s helpful project feature for organizing it all.

If you use Handle for Gmail and have some helpful tips you would like to share, please leave us a comment below!

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