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Chrome Will Block Bad Ads Worldwide From July

Dave Parrack 14-01-2019

Since launch, Google Chrome has tried to protect users from the worst elements of the web. This is why you no longer see pop-ups, and are warned when you navigate to a site containing malware. And now Google Chrome will filter out the worst online advertising.


Google Starts Blocking Bad Ads

We first found out about Google’s plans to filter bad ads in April 2017, and in July 2017 Google was testing its new ad-blocker (of sorts). Chrome started blocking ads in February 2018, and Google revealed how Chrome’s new ad-blocker works Google Reveals How Chrome's New Ad Blocker Works Google Chrome now has its own built-in ad blocker. And in order to clear up any confusion, Google has explained how Chrome's new ad blocker works... Read More .

Essentially, as part of the Coalition for Better Ads, Google applies a set of standards, and filters out ads that don’t abide by the rules. If a website is found to be employing bad ads, Google will block all ads on that site until it cleans up its act.

Expanding Chrome’s Ad-Blocking

Chrome already filters ads in North America and Europe, but on the Chromium Blog, Google announced it’s expanding its Better Ads Standards worldwide. So, beginning on July 9, Chrome will punish sites serving bad ads to users, regardless of location.

All being well, users won’t notice anything different. When you navigate to a site Google will check to see if it’s abiding by the rules. If not, you’ll see a message saying all ads are blocked on the domain. It’s then up to you if you want to allow ads on the site.


If you own a website in a country outside North America and Europe, Google recommends you run the Ad Experience Tool. This will test the ads displayed on your site, and if issues are discovered, give you the opportunity to resolve them.

Google Wants to Improve Online Ads

To be clear, this isn’t an ad blocker designed to block all ads from the internet. Instead, it’s Google trying to improve the quality of ads. By making online advertising more tolerable, Google wants to ensure ads remain a part of the web Why the Fight Back Against Ad-Blockers Should Matter to You Now Ad-blocking has changed our browsing experience. The fightback by web publishers is changing it further. But if they defeat ad-blocking, what does it mean for the future of our Internet experience? Read More for decades to come.

Image Credit: Isaac Bowen/Flickr

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  1. dragonmouth
    January 15, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    Who appointed Google the arbiter of good or bad ads?! Why should we trust their opinion over anybody else's?

    Existing ad blockers such as AdBlock Plus and uBlock do a much better job by stopping most ads, not just Google-unapproved ones. The Google Bad Ad Blocker is just another in a series of self-serving Google products.