Chintzee: Get Notified About Amazon Price Reductions
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If you are a shopper on Amazon, it is useful to know when the prices of items that you have been watching have dropped in price. Chintzee is an Amazon-based web tool that lets you keep an eye on Amazon price reductions by sending you an alert every time prices drop.

amazon price reduction

You only need to go to the homepage to try it out. The website shows the top items that have had a price drop on a daily basis. You can also start a specific search by entering product keywords, ASIN, or the Amazon URL.

To monitor the price of a specific product, click the “Watch” button, fill in the necessary details and choose to be alerted either by email or Twitter. You can also view the products’ price history illustrated in a graph.
amazon price reduction


Chintzee helps you save money and time by avoiding the hassle of constantly checking up on item prices. This is especially useful for avid online shoppers who don’t mind shopping for bargains on Amazon.


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