Check Out This Twitter Bot That Tweets Like You
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It’s funny how blind we can be to ourselves. If you ever took a step back and heard how you speak, saw how you looked, or read how you write, you’d likely be surprised at all of the nuances that you miss on a day-to-day basis.

Well, now there’s a bot on Twitter who will scan all of your tweets — or the tweets of anyone else on Twitter — and create a fake account that simulates and crafts its own tweets in your style.

And given the right targets, it can be hilarious.


Now, I don’t actually use Twitter much except to share the articles I’ve written, so the results weren’t so great when I entered my own account. But when you simulate the tweets of a celebrity, like Conan O’Brien, or the tweets of a parody account, like The Tweet of God, then that’s when the party begins.

Presumably, this bot’s simulations are done using Markov Chains, which is the same algorithm used to power the equally-hilarious Subreddit Simulator experiment on Reddit.

If you need a good laugh, try playing around with it. If you want to try making your own Twitter bot, here are a few that work with Raspberry Pi.


What do you think of this bot? Hilarious or not? Which Twitter accounts do you think are the funniest? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments!

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