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Check Out This Twitter Bot That Tweets Like You

Joel Lee 22-11-2016

It’s funny how blind we can be to ourselves. If you ever took a step back and heard how you speak, saw how you looked, or read how you write, you’d likely be surprised at all of the nuances that you miss on a day-to-day basis.


Well, now there’s a bot on Twitter who will scan all of your tweets — or the tweets of anyone else on Twitter — and create a fake account that simulates and crafts its own tweets in your style.

And given the right targets, it can be hilarious.


Now, I don’t actually use Twitter much except to share the articles I’ve written, so the results weren’t so great when I entered my own account. But when you simulate the tweets of a celebrity, like Conan O’Brien, or the tweets of a parody account, like The Tweet of God, then that’s when the party begins.

Presumably, this bot’s simulations are done using Markov Chains What Are Markov Chains? 5 Nifty Real World Uses Markov chains are simple algorithms with lots of real world uses -- and you've likely been benefiting from them all this time without realizing it! Read More , which is the same algorithm used to power the equally-hilarious Subreddit Simulator experiment on Reddit.


If you need a good laugh, try playing around with it. If you want to try making your own Twitter bot, here are a few that work with Raspberry Pi 10 Best Twitter Bot Projects for Raspberry Pi Read More .

Website — [No Longer Available]

What do you think of this bot? Hilarious or not? Which Twitter accounts do you think are the funniest? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments!

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