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Check Out These 4 Discounted Cloud Storage and Backup Services

MakeUseOf Deals 17-08-2016

Make sure you never lose your files to a devastating PC implosion again. Today, we’re featuring 4 deals on Cloud storage and backup solutions that’ll keep your files safe and secure!


Droplr Pro: Lifetime License ($29.99, 98% Off)

Droplr Pro is all about sharing files between team members. You just need to drag and drop a file to the Droplr icon on your desktop, and all members attached to your team will be able to get access to it.

Need to send a photo? Have an updated spreadsheet? Need to move a large video files? Droplr promises to handle all of that with ease.

Some other cool features of Droplr are:

  • Custom branding for your team
  • Password protect files
  • Set files to self-destruct after a certain amount of time
  • View files without downloading
  • Build collections for organization

Basically, if you’re looking for a way to share files with members of a team, this is a service that’s worth trying out. For $29.99 for a lifetime subscription, you can’t go wrong.

Carbonite Unlimited Cloud Backup: 1-Yr Subscription ($44.99, 25% Off)

When it comes to full-computer backups that are done automatically, Carbonite is one of the most popular, well-reviewed services out there.


All you need to do is install it and let it do it’s thing. Almost no effort is required on your part. Easier is better.

If the unfortunate happens, and your computer dies, you won’t lose any data. It’s not just the files you choose, either, because there’s unlimited storage. That means every single thing that’s running on your computer will be there for you.


It’s not just emergency backup that you get with Carbonite, because you can also use it to access your files from any other PC with an Internet connection.


With this deal, you can get 1-year of access for $44.99 (normally $59.99), or 3 years of access for $116.95 (normally $179.97). Either way, it’s a solid deal on of the best cloud storage services on the market.

G Cloud Unlimited Backup: 5-Yr Subscription ($29.99, 93% Off)

As you’d expect from a smartphone backup service, you can store everything you keep on your phone in the cloud. There’s no limit, so all of your contacts, messages, photos, and videos are stored on a secure server, ready to go when you need them.

Speaking of security, your files are stored with Amazon AWS’ 256-bit encryption. That means that if you’re storing sensitive stuff, you don’t need to worry about making sure it is all locked down.



Not only is the stuff you store in the cloud accessible when you replace your phone, but you can also login to your account and view them on other devices. If you want an easy way to look at your photos anywhere, this service will be quite useful. There’s even a handy timeline organization feature that will make it easy to view and manage your photos and videos.

Whether on iOS or Android, you can transfer everything to your new phone with just one tap, which makes getting a new phone quick and painless (well, as painless as the massive expense of buying a new phone can be).

You’ll also find features that will help you locate your device in the event that you lose it. This could definitely come in handy if your phone doesn’t offer such a feature on the OS level.

SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup: Lifetime Subscription ($39.99, 93% Off)

With this deal, you’ll get 2TB of cloud storage for the rest of your life for $39.99. Not only do you get a huge amount of space, but you can backup 4 different computers with that storage.


Of course, you can also use the web app to get access to your files while on the go.


There’s support for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, or any NAS or DAS devices. You won’t find many other services that offer this much space and versatility for such a low price!

Store All The Things!

If you’re ever felt the pain of losing all your files, you know that backup is important. With the 4 deals outlined above, you can get the space you need for cheap. Whether you want to share files with a team, or you want automatic PC backup, there’s a deal here for you.

Don’t wait, because like all good deals, they’re only here for a limited time.

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  1. Juan
    August 22, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    SkyHub Cloud is a reseller. Very fishy their "lifetime membership", cause they are charged more for that storage over time, so after 3-4 years they should be running out of money... or out of town.

  2. Patrick Mincke
    August 17, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    I paid for SkyHub and had to constat that this form of cloud is a cold back up. That means that downloading is not instantly but you have to wait some hours.
    Moreover, I send a email to the people of SkyHub (via their website) for having information but received never a answer. I had to clonclude that the service is below everything. For me, it is lost money
    Patrick Mincke