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Check Out Hilarious Stand Up Comedy Routines And Jokes With The Laugh Button

David Pierce 27-07-2009

standup comedyI think, at some point or another, most of us have wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Come on – getting up on stage, talking about”¦whatever, and making endless numbers of people laugh? What could be better than that?


Apparently, it’s not an easy thing to do, though – something about practice, and talent, and not making any money. I forget. Either way, most of us are probably doomed to forever listening, watching and reading brilliant comedy than creating it ourselves.

If you’re looking for some hilarious jokes and great stand up comedy, check out The Laugh Button. It’s a site, kind of like the Hype Machine or We Are Hunted, except for genius stand up comedy. It’s a huge database of stand-up performances, from hundreds of different comedians – from the most famous to the total unknowns.

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The Laugh Button gives you three options – Listen, Watch, and Read. “Listen” brings you to a playlist of audio tracks that the Laugh Button recommends, varying in length, creator, and subject. “Watch” is mostly YouTube videos, in a similar format. “Read” is full of funny stories, as well as stories about and related to comedy.

Under “Listen”, you can see a Recommended Playlist from the Laugh Button, a Popular playlist full of what everyone else is listening to, and a list of My Favs (if you sign up for a free account, you can star certain tracks as favorites, and easily come back to them later).


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Where all the material comes from is hard to figure out – the team behind the site isn’t exactly forthcoming with how they do it. It appears that there’s no algorithm or crawler, but that they actually go out and manually find the best stand-up comedy out there. That means that there’s less of a database (though it’s awfully big), but it means that what you find is almost always pretty darn funny.

To keep updated on the latest and greatest from The Laugh Button, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. Those two are the places where the Laugh Button team posts new material, information about shows, and all sorts of other things about comedy and comedians. There’s new stuff coming from the Laugh Button all the time, and most of it gets posted in the statusphere; I love getting updates through Twitter.

The site itself doesn’t do a great job of helping you find a particular artist – it’s more focused on keeping you constantly finding new people to listen to. You can, however, search through the list of artists by clicking on any single artist. Once you get to the artist page, you’ll see a dropdown menu of all the comedians on the site – pick one, and you’ll be listening to them in no time! You’ll only see one track at a time on the artist’s page, but every time you refresh the page you’ll get a new one.


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Since the search in The Laugh Button is awful (and by that I mean currently non-existent), you’ll have to rely on Google to find exactly who you’re looking for. In Google, enter this (without quotes): “ search term“. That’ll return a Laugh Button widgets page, with your comedian’s material on it.

There’s still a lot to come from the Laugh Machine – like search, for instance, as well as more community tools. But even now, it’s a great resource for some hilarious stand-up comedy. In particular, the “recommended” playlist under “Listen” is a great way to find new comedians, and new great listening material for when you need a laugh. And come on – we all need a laugh every once in a while.

Where do you go when you need a laugh online? A while ago Aibek recommended Youtube as the ultimate place to watch stand-up comedy online Watch Your Favorite Stand Up Comedians Online on Youtube Read More . What are your favorite sites to watch stand-ups?


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