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How to Find Out the Reading Time of Any Book

Ben Stegner 09-08-2017

Perhaps you’ve decided you want to read more. We’ve shared advice on how to make your way through more books than ever How to Read 50+ Books This Year If you're like the average American, you're not reading enough. Reading more books can make you smarter and more successful. Let us show you how to read one book per week. Read More , but perhaps you’re still having trouble because you’re reading the wrong books 5 Unique Ways to Find Book Recommendations You Wouldn't Read Find new books that you would otherwise skip because of their authors or genres. Expand your reading tastes. These sites can help you with that. Read More .


If you’re a slow reader, a short book that you finish quickly might help you feel more motivated than a long book that slows you down. Likewise, bringing a short book with you on a long trip could leave you with nothing to do.

That’s where How Long to Read comes in. Search for any book, and you’ll see some basic information about it including the title, cover, author, and Amazon price. The site uses an average reading speed of 300 words per minute (WPM) for its estimates. For instance, the average reading time for How to Win Friends & Influence People is four hours and four minutes.

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But you can make this more personal. On the right side, you’ll see a brief sample of the book. Click the Start Reading Speed Timer button below it, then read the sample as you would a book. Don’t speed through it, because you won’t read through the whole book that way! After finishing the selection at your normal pace, click the Stop button to get your customized reading time.

The site will save this across sessions for you, so you don’t have to re-do it on every visit. Now you’ll know just about how long it will take you to read that book you have your eye on! Not sure where to start? Run some of the books from popular “best of” lists 5 Essential "Best Books" Lists: How Many Have You Read? "What should I read next?" is the most common question. And so you google for lists of the best books. Find the right list with these resources. Read More to give it a try.


Which book are you thinking of reading next, and how long will it take you to read? Tell us down in the comments!

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