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The 8 Cheapest Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

Emma Roth Updated 05-03-2020

Picking an affordable phone plan with unlimited calling, texting, and data can be pretty overwhelming. Each mobile carrier—whether prepaid or postpaid—offers additional perks from Netflix subscriptions to mobile hotspots.


While unlimited calls and texts really are unlimited, data is more complicated. Most carriers throttle your data after you pass a certain threshold. Let’s take a look at different unlimited phone plans and how they compare.

Prepaid Unlimited Plans for Phones

Prepaid carriers—also known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)—rely on major carriers for their networks. But they allow you to get many of the same perks, often at a lower price and without a contract. Here are some of the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything.

1. Boost

Boost Mobile Cheap Phone Plans

Boost offers an unlimited plan in three tiers, the cheapest of which comes with standard definition streaming, a 12GB hotspot, and a six-month Tidal music subscription. Bumping up to one of the more expensive tiers gets you HD streaming and a 30 or 50GB hotspot, respectively.

For the cheapest unlimited phone plan, the price drops the more lines you add:

  • One line: $50 per month.
  • Two lines: $80 per month.
  • Three lines: $110 per month.
  • Four lines: $140 per month.
  • Five lines: $170 per month.

Boost’s data deprioritization applies during congestion regardless of how much data you use.

2. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Plan

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) has two unlimited data plans. With the lower tier, you get a 5GB hotspot, but just keep in mind that the hotspot isn’t included. You also get Google One, a service that automatically backs up and stores your phone’s data.

For the cheapest tier, the price will drop as you add lines:

  • One line: $50 per month.
  • Two lines: $80 per month.
  • Three lines: $110 per month.
  • Four lines: $140 per month.
  • Five lines: $170 per month.

On Metro, exceeding 35GB per month could see your speed throttled during “congestion.”

3. TextNow

TextNow Unlimited Cheap Phone Plans

TextNow is a great calling app that allows users to get an ad-free unlimited data plan at $40 per month for one line. But there’s a catch. Unlimited on TextNow translates to 23GB, after which you’ll experience 2G speeds. Even then, you could run into further restrictions.

If you do any of the following, you could lose access to unlimited 2G data:

  • Use over 170MB of data per day while using unlimited 2G data (after exceeding your plan’s 3G/4G data allowance), for two or more consecutive days
  • Use more than 1GB of data in a five-day period while using unlimited 2G data
  • Use unlimited 2G data as a substitute for home internet

That is, until you take “corrective action.” This includes connecting to home Wi-Fi, minimizing the streaming of video and audio without Wi-Fi, and restricting background data usage on your phone.

To get started with TextNow, you have to have a Sprint-compatible phone, order a SIM activation kit for $10, and download the TextNow app. Otherwise, you can purchase a phone on the TextNow shop that comes preloaded with TextNow’s SIM card.

4. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Plan

Cricket Wireless has two unlimited plans: one that includes a 15GB hotspot and one that doesn’t. The plan with the hotspot has the highest 4G LTE speeds, while the cheaper plan has standard high-speed data.


On the cheapest unlimited data plan, the price gets lower as you add more lines:

  • One line: $55 per month.
  • Two lines: $80 per month.
  • Three lines: $90 per month.
  • Four lines: $100 per month.
  • Five lines: $125 per month.

Like the other prepaid phone plans on this list, there are some limitations in terms of data. Cricket might cap your data speeds when the network is busy, but you may be able to get around this If you know how to bypass data caps Why Do Data Caps Exist and How Can You Bypass Them? ISP and mobile data caps are frustrating, but why do they exist? Here's how to bypass your data cap and enjoy limitless internet. Read More .

The Best Prepaid Plan for Phones

Looking purely at the cheapest tier, both Metro and Boost give you the best value for money. Plus, both services have decent perks—Boost boasts a hotspot and a six-month trial of Tidal, while Metro offers a helpful Google One subscription.

Postpaid Unlimited Plans for Phones

With a postpaid plan, no matter which popular mobile carrier The Best Mobile Carrier for You: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint? Should you use Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint as your mobile carrier? We compare them to see which mobile carrier is best for you. Read More you choose, enrolling in autopay and paperless billing ensures the lowest bill possible. You’ll also find that the more lines you add to your plan, the cheaper each line becomes.

5. AT&T

AT&T Unlimited Cheap Phone Plan

AT&T offers three unlimited plans: AT&T Unlimited Elite, AT&T Unlimited Extra, and AT&T Unlimited Starter. The lower-tier package comes with standard-definition streaming, automatic fraud blocking, as well as unlimited calls and roaming in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

The cost depends on how many lines you add to your plan. These prices are based on a discount for enrolling in autopay and paperless billing.

  • One line: $65 per month.
  • Two lines: $120 per month.
  • Three lines: $135 per month.
  • Four lines: $140 per month.

For the Unlimited Starter plan, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested.

6. T-Mobile

T-Mobile Cheap Cell Phone Plans Unlimited

As you’d expect, T-Mobile also has a range of unlimited plans. .If you add two or more lines to the Magenta or Magenta Plus plan, you’ll get a free subscription of Netflix. For each plan, you’ll still get unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada.

Both plans also offer unlimited data in over 210 countries, in-flight texting, as well as in-flight Wi-Fi.

For the standard Magenta package, the cost also depends on how many lines you add. Right now, T-Mobile has a promotion that gives you the third line for free:

  • One line: $70 per month.
  • Two lines: $120 per month.
  • Three lines: $120 per month.
  • Four lines: $140 per month.
  • Five lines: $160 per month.

If you don’t want all the extra perks, you can get T-Mobile Essentials. This provides unlimited talk, text, and data for $60 per month for one line or $120 for four lines.

If you cross the 50GB threshold, T-Mobile may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested.

7. Sprint

Sprint Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Plan

Sprint offers three unlimited packages: Basic, Plus, and Premium.

Each plan includes a hotspot and access to Hulu. You’ll only get 480p video streaming quality with the Basic plan, but this goes up 1080p with Unlimited Plus. Some other perks that come with Unlimited Basic include unlimited talk, text, and 5GB 4G LTE in Mexico and Canada, as well as roaming in 200 countries.

The pricing for the Unlimited Basic plan is currently one of the best cell phone deals around:

  • One line: $60 per month.
  • Two lines: $100 per month.
  • Three lines: $100 per month.
  • Four lines: $100 per month.
  • Five lines: $100 per month.

The prices above are based on discounts for enrolling in autopay, and for new accounts only. After one year, Sprint will increase your rates—one line will cost you $60, a second line will be $40, and any other lines beyond that will be priced at $20 each.

Sprint may temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested after you cross the 50GB threshold.

8. Verizon

Verizon Unlimited Cheap Phone Plans

Verizon offers a diverse set of unlimited plans: Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited.

The basic Verizon plan, Start Limited, is comparable to basic plans on other lines, but with more limited features. You get DVD quality streaming, international texting to over 200 countries, as well as a subscription to Apple Music for six months.

While the pricier tiers give you a threshold ranging from 25GB to 75GB before your speeds are throttled, the lowest tier will be throttled during congestion.

  • One line: $70 per month.
  • Two lines: $120 per month.
  • Three lines: $135 per month.
  • Four lines: $140 per month.

The prices above are based on a $10 discount for enrolling in autopay and paperless billing.

The Best Postpaid Plan for Phones

Looking purely at the cheap phone plans offered by each carrier, there are a couple of winners. T-Mobile and Sprint both offer unlimited data, along with several added bonuses.

If you’re a frequent traveler, T-Mobile will save you money in the long run with its roaming and in-flight perks. The carrier’s no-frills $140/month unlimited data plan for four lines is also quite reasonable.

Sprint gives T-Mobile a run for its money with added value, including a Hulu subscription and a 500MB hotspot. While it won’t last forever, Sprint’s special offer also lets you start out at a significantly reduced price.

The Best Cheap Unlimited Phone Plans

In addition to unlimited data and perks, there are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing one of the major carriers, including coverage, travel features, and budget-friendly plans. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each service before you commit to a prepaid or postpaid plan.

Even with unlimited data, you might find your cell service slowing down. If that happens, you should take a look at how to speed up a slow mobile data connection 8 Steps to Speeding Up a Slow Mobile Data Connection Why is my mobile data so slow? If you ask this question often, here's how to speed up your mobile data connection. Read More .

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  1. Steve
    June 7, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    WalMart has Straight Talk . 55$ per month for unlimited tt+d @ 4GLTE plus 25 gigs mobile hotspot . Never dropped call, never "unserviceable", always dependable in the 11 months that I've had it . I also have a 35$ ATX phone from there that is fast ,powerful, clear and has never let me down , nor broken the many times I've dropped it .

  2. Bob
    March 11, 2020 at 12:01 am

    What about Aldi @ $99 / 1 year unltd calls & text + data

  3. Steve Ryan
    March 10, 2020 at 12:44 am

    What about Mint Mobile?

  4. Traci gillam
    November 27, 2019 at 8:10 pm


  5. Cory Reinhardt
    June 20, 2019 at 4:21 am

    Ok so they left out thebest pre paidunlimited everything plan all together it's straight talk from Wal-Mart....$60 unlimited everything no data caps I'm at 186 gb for this month cuz I use hotspot and it's hasn't slowed down or anything and I do this every month well at least the last 5 straight.

  6. dc
    May 10, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Ultra Mobile's flex plan is $12.50/mo for unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data per month. And the data rolls over. Plus free calling to a lot of countries incl Mexico and China. Pure win.
    You do have to dig around for it a little on their website fyi. Look for Flex in the menu.

    October 27, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    I love the articles at they are a fantastic. I just subscribed to the website and I learned more in a week, by reading their informative articles than i would have learned any where else on the internet.

  8. Luis
    October 27, 2018 at 2:29 am

    T-Mobile offers everything unlimited, including hotspot, for $90 for 3 lines to all military, active, retired, and veterans... It includes a subscription to Netflix...

  9. Shawn Rosvold
    October 26, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    You missed my mobile company. Republic Wireless.