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7 Cheap PopSockets Phone Grip Alternatives

Emma Roth 07-07-2020

Everywhere you go, you’ll see a PopSocket stuck to the back to someone’s phone. PopSockets definitely come in handy when you want to get a better grip on your phone, but they’re not for everyone.


In case you want to distance yourself from the PopSockets trend The Best PopSockets Phone Grips in 2020 Phone grips are easy to come by but, for the best experience, you'll want one of the best PopSockets phone grips available today. Read More , you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of cheap PopSockets alternatives. For affordable phone grips that don’t compromise quality, try out one of these awesome phone grips.

1. Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Buy Now On Amazon $8.49

The Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder sticks to the back of your phone like a PopSocket, only this holder is shaped like a ring. Simply hook your one or two of your fingers in the ring, and you can securely hold your phone.

This cell phone grip comes with a polished ring that won’t make your fingers sore, not to mention that the ring can rotate a full 360 degrees. You can also opt to use the ring holder as a phone stand—just prop your phone on the metal ring to watch a video or movie.

Syncwire uses a strong adhesive that can stick to most surfaces. Better yet, the metal plating on the base of the grip makes it perfect for use with a magnetic phone mount.


2. LoveHandle Universal Smartphone Grip

LoveHandle Universal Smartphone Grip LoveHandle Universal Smartphone Grip Buy Now On Amazon $9.95

The LoveHandle Universal Smartphone grip is another refreshing PopSockets alternative. Instead of having to fit your fingers around a grip, the LoveHandle lets you slip your fingers through a strap to hold your phone.

Not only does the unique cell phone handle design prevent you from dropping your phone, but it also makes it comfortable to slip your phone in your pocket. Unlike most bulky phone grips, the LoveHandle lays flat against your phone, making it totally pocket-friendly.

If you have a tablet or large smartphone that needs a stronger grip, you could try the LoveHandle XL Tablet Grip instead.


3. Spigen Style Ring Cell Phone Grip

Spigen Style Ring Cell Phone Grip Spigen Style Ring Cell Phone Grip Buy Now On Amazon $13.99

The Spigen Style Ring Cell Phone Grip puts a twist on the typical phone holder. Rather than shaping its ring as a circle, it gives the ring a D shape. The flattened bottom of the phone ring grip makes it easier to use it as a kickstand.

This grip’s ring is fully rotational, and can also fold down to achieve a flat, pocket-friendly profile. It also comes equipped with a reusable gel pad attachment, making it easy to remove and place on another phone case.

To make its product even more enticing, Spigen throws in a hook mount that you can place on your car’s dashboard. At this price, it’s a great deal if you’re looking for both a grip and a car mount. Just keep in mind that this grip doesn’t support wireless charging.


4. Mobi Handle Phone Ring Holder

Mobi Handle Phone Ring Holder Mobi Handle Phone Ring Holder Buy Now On Amazon $16.99

If you want a comfortable and sturdy alternative to PopSockets, you can’t go wrong with the Mobi Handle Phone Ring Holder. Although it’s a little pricier than PopSockets, the three-year warranty and long-lasting design make it worthwhile.

Mobi Handle’s Phone Ring Holder is made for comfort—slip your middle finger through the loop and balance your index and ring finger beside it. The magnetic grip folds against the back of your phone, making it compatible with any magnetic phone holder. When you want to watch a video, you can even flip out the grip, and prop up your phone on a table.

And, no, the two holes on the phone grip aren’t there by mistake. You can actually use them to attach a strap, lanyard, or phone charm to your grip. This makes the Mobi Handle Phone Ring Holder even more versatile than most phone grips.


5. Ghostek Loop Phone Grip

Ghostek Loop Phone Grip Ghostek Loop Phone Grip Buy Now On Amazon $9.98

The Ghostek Loop Phone Grip combines two phone grip styles: a loop and a ring. In addition to having a comfortable cloth finger loop, it also comes with a metal ring kickstand.

Just like PopSockets’ interchangeable PopGrips, Ghostek lets you swap out the phone loop for different designs. Its built-in magnet also comes in handy for mounting your phone on magnetic phone holders.

Plus, you can easily remove the magnetic grip when you want to charge your phone wirelessly. Pushing the button on top of the device releases the magnetic portion of the strap, allowing you to charge your phone without any issues.

6. Fitfort Phone Ring Holder

Fitfort Phone Ring Holder Fitfort Phone Ring Holder Buy Now On Amazon $8.99

The Fitfort Phone Ring Holder is another affordable variation of the ring-style phone finger holder. It’s made with high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel that’s resistant to scrapes, drops, and fading.

The fully rotational ring makes it ideal for just about any task—flip the ring sideways when you want to watch a YouTube video and then fold it back to scroll through your Instagram feed. If you really want to relax, prop up the phone on a table and turn on Netflix.

Just like the ring grips previously mentioned, Fitfort’s grip also comes with a magnetic base that’s compatible with magnetic phone mounts.

7. iRing Slide Ring Phone Grip

iRing Slide Ring Phone Grip iRing Slide Ring Phone Grip Buy Now On Amazon $12.95

Do you want a ring phone grip that doesn’t prevent you from using a wireless charger? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to look into the iRing Slide Ring Phone Grip. This innovative grip allows you to hold your phone with one finger comfortably.

When you want to charge your phone on a wireless charger, slide the ring downwards on the built-in track—this leaves room for the wireless charger and doesn’t block access to your phone. Before you invest in the iRing, just note that it’s only compatible with wireless phone chargers smaller than 3.5 inches.

You can also flip the phone finger ring in several different directions. Whether you rotate the ring 360 degrees or flip it 180 degrees, the iRing promises a secure and weightless grip.

Finding the Best Cheap PopSockets Alternatives

It’s okay to be picky with the phone grip you choose—after all, your phone’s safety depends on it. Even if you’re not a fan of PopSockets, there are still some reliable yet affordable alternatives that you should give a shot.

Does the PopSockets trend still boggle you? Find out what PopSockets are What Are PopSockets? 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One PopSockets are awesome smartphone accessories for everyone. What exactly is a PopSocket and what are they used for? Read More and why you should consider buying one.

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