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Chattertree – Bring Your Family Together In Their Own Private Social Network

Tim Lenahan 11-06-2010

<firstimage=”//”>family social networkDo you have a family that’s spread across the United States or even the world?  Keeping up and staying in touch can become quite a chore.  These days we’ve got tools like Skype and Facebook but it seems many of the tools out there have their faults.  They just don’t seem to cater to just your family.


Chattertree seeks to make an end to that problem.  With Chattertree you can set up a family social network.  No constantly changing privacy settings or extra noise from all of the other online acquaintances on those other social networks.  Chattertree seeks to give you your own private place to hang with just your family.

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What makes Chattertree worth trying out with your own family?  Well, it’s the features that bring the family together, that’s what.  It’s a social network like no other because of the focus on family.

Keep Your Own Private Calendar

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Keep your own private calendar to remember upcoming dates, anniversaries and birthdays.  Chattertree offers an integrated calendar so you will never forget those special dates again.  Your family members will love you when you stop constantly forgetting them on their special days.

Easily Make Family Announcements

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Chattertree has a cool feature which allows you to make announcements known to the whole family all at once.  Say an out of town family member just arrived safely and you want to let everyone know they’re fine, you can send a shout out using the Emergency Alert feature.  Very cool and very handy.

Share Photos & Videos With The Whole Family

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What better way to show Grandma and Grandpa what’s going on with the kids than to show them photos and videos?  You can have multiple albums and can even set them to be viewed either by the family or by specific rooms (we’ll talk about rooms soon).  Either way, isn’t it nice to have a way to share photos with the family on your own private family social network without the whole world seeing them?

Organize Your Family Connections Into Rooms

creating a family website

Chattertree has another feature that aids the communication you can have with family members.  They call them rooms and they are basically spaces for interacting with specific family members.

There are many different ways to use rooms.  You can set rooms up for planning events like weddings and trips and interacting with specific branches of the family like brothers and sisters or parents.  You can also share conversations, photos and videos with just room members.


Plus more!

There are other features that Chattertree offers families such as video chat (with up to 6 people at a time) and the gift corner (supposedly helps you pick out gifts for other family members and keep your own gift list).  Try it out and see what features you find yourself making the most use of.

My wife and I are planning on testing out the features a bit further.  Sometimes we’re like ships passing in the night so sending messages and reminders and even sharing pics and videos will come in handy.

What ways can you see a Chattertree family social network bringing your family closer?

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