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Charts: Track and Chart any Data from your iPhone

Kaly (Arslan Esengulov) 19-07-2008

Useful iPhone app that lets you create and manage all kind of charts, i.e charts to track and monitor your expenses, weight, mileage and more. You can also map your data on a line, bar graph or a pie chart, apply different color schemes and share charts by email.



  • Create and manage all-purpose charts from your iPhone
  • Visualize data on a line, bar graph or a pie chart.
  • Share your charts with others via email.

Apart from the Charts app you can find many other useful iPhone apps here. These include feedreader, calculator, currency converter, text translator, weekday checker, photo finder etc. See the full list along with a quick description for each app below:

    * Start Me Up – Get quick access to all of your applications
    * Budget – Track and Monitor your spendings
    * Bestsellers – Shows current best sellers on amazon.com
    * Currencies – Check the exchange rates for major currencies
    * Compass – Get compass on your iPhone screen.
    * Weekday – Easily check the day of the week for any calendar date
    * Calculator – Fully functional calculator
    * iPhone Apps – Check latest iPhone apps in the Apple Directory
    * VAT Calculator – Calculate sales tax and VAT value
    * Translator – Full text language translator
    * State/City Quiz – Can you spot all states and capitals in the USA?
    * Country Quiz – Can you name all foreign countries?
    * Calories – Track your daily calories
    * World map
    * Morse Code – Morse code generator and sender
    * Amazon Search
    * Graph Plotter – Quickly plot graphs of functions.
    * World time
    * Countdown timer
    * SpeedyMarks – Online start page
    * Mileage – Track your gas consumption
    * Play Basketball
    * Sunrise and Sunset times
    * Call Checker – Check the right time to call?
    * Mandelbrot Set – Explore the beauty of the Mandelbrot fractal
    * Workout – Control and monitor interval trainings
    * Astro – Explore the night sky, moon and mars
    * Games Counter – A simple game score counter
    * SpeedoMeter – Measure your speed
    * WorldWatchr – Monitor Webcams on your iPhone
    * Widgetop – Dashboard widgets on the iPhone

Check out Charts @ charts.speedymarks.com

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