Chaperone: Focus on Your Tasks by Associating Apps With Them

MOin 15-01-2013

Many of us use our computers to complete our work. Whether we are writing a paper, completing a spreadsheet, or conducting some online research, our computers are a great help in the task. Unfortunately there are numerous distractions available online and offline that often steer a user away from the task at hand. You could, for example, begin browsing Facebook while completing a spreadsheet, or you could start a game you installed when you were supposed to be conducting online research.


Such distractions produce an undesired dent in one’s productivity because people usually end up spending a lot of time on these distractions. But fortunately for Mac computer users, there is a tool called Chaperone that reminds you to stick with your tasks through reminders.

Chaperone: Focus on Your Tasks by Associating Apps With Them chaperone3

Chaperone is a free to use desktop application for Mac computers. The app is sized at nearly 0.3 MB and is compatible with computers having a 64 bit processor and running Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Using this application you can associate applications with particular tasks that you need to complete. In case you are distracted by one of the other apps on your computer and begin spending time on it, Chaperone will display a reminder for you to get back to work.

Chaperone: Focus on Your Tasks by Associating Apps With Them chaperone11

You can create time defined or indefinite tasks. That way the app is able to determine when you should be a taking a small break from what you are doing. The tasks you create can all be sorted into projects, with stats collected for time spent on each task. Such a breakdown of time spent can be invaluable when it comes to an analysis of your productivity.


In case you want to show your tasks to somebody else for billing or for general sharing, you can do so by exporting your tasks from the app into a CSV file.


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