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You Can Now Change YouTube’s Video Recommendations

Dave Parrack 27-06-2019

YouTube is rolling out new features designed to give viewers more control over what videos they watch. The new features will help you explore topics and related videos you’re interested in and remove suggestions and recommendations you’re not interested in.

YouTube Gives Viewers More Control Over Content

In a post on the Official YouTube Blog, YouTube explains how and why it’s “doing more to put you in the driver’s seat”. YouTube states that it wants to “help viewers find new interests and passions,” and that you’re the “one true expert” able to do that.

Explore Topics on the Homepage and Up Next: YouTube is making it easier to explore topics and related videos. You’ll see these topics both at the top of your homepage (when you scroll up) and on the Up Next section below the video you’re currently watching.

Stop Certain Channels Being Recommended: On the flipside, you can now tell YouTube to stop recommending videos from particular channels. Just tap the three-dot menu next to a video and select “Don’t recommend channel” from the dropdown menu.

Discover Why YouTube Is Recommending Videos: YouTube is also explaining why it’s recommending particular content. When YouTube recommends videos based on what other viewers have watched, you’ll see an information box underneath the video.

Avoiding YouTube’s Deepest Darkest Rabbit Holes

These changes are clearly a response to complaints that YouTube’s algorithms can send people down rabbit holes. An example being that watching one video taking an objective look at the anti-vax movement would surface countless videos supporting that view.

These changes are rolling out now, and will appear on YouTube for Android and iOS, and on the desktop. This is the perfect opportunity to review the channels you’re subscribed to, and we have recommended YouTubers worth watching in our YouTube starter kit The YouTube Starter Kit: 20 YouTubers Worth Watching There's a treasure trove of original content on YouTube. However, it's difficult to know where to begin. Let us help you with our list of 20 YouTubers that form the perfect YouTube starter kit. Read More .

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  1. CharlesLuck
    June 29, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    I have but one comment to make.
    You get paid by serving ads, and I'm not sure why it matters to you in the least whether I see the ad or not. I personally will not spend a nickel, and not even a penny as a result of an unsolicited advertisement. So why do you care if I happen to have an ad blocker. Will you not get paid for serving the ad? Or are you mostly concerned about affiliate commissions? Perhaps that is the real impetus for your concern.

  2. Mitul
    June 28, 2019 at 3:06 am

    A wonderful list of blogs and websites about books and reading. I follow all of them except Libra. I didn't know about that app before reading this article.