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How to Change Your Tumblr Username

Nancy Messieh 12-01-2018

Tumblr is a blogging platform (read our best Tumblr tips How to Use Tumblr: 12 Useful Tumblr Tips for Beginners Here are the most useful Tumblr tips you need to know, including what is Tumblr, how to use Tumblr, and best practices for Tumblr. Read More ) that’s been around for a while. If you signed up for your account many years ago, you can change your username to something more appropriate to your current interests. The process is simple, but somewhat destructive.


How to Change Your Tumblr Username

After you’ve logged in to the Tumblr dashboard, do the following:

  1. Click the profile icon and click Settings.How to Change Your Tumblr Username Tumblr Username 1 278x500
  2. You can see the blogs in your account listed in the right sidebar. How to Change Your Tumblr Username Tumblr Username 2 314x500
  3. Click on the blog you want to edit. A new window will open with a list of items you can edit related to your blog, the first among them your username.
  4. Click on your current username to edit it and click Save. (If the username is already taken, Tumblr will let you know to try something else.)How to Change Your Tumblr Username Tumblr Username 3 e1515617802229

What Happens to Your Old Tumblr Username?

First, your old username will be available for someone else to use 24 hours after you change it, so that could be a source of confusion.

Second, changing your Tumblr username will also change your URL. This means that if someone follows you on Tumblr, your content will still appear in their feed, but if someone has bookmarked your site or is following an external link to your Tumblr blog, they won’t land on your blog anymore. Instead, they’ll be greeted with Tumblr’s 404 page.

One way you could handle this would be to immediately create a new blog using your old username, and create one post there letting your readers know about your new username and URL.

Do you think changing your Tumblr username is a good or bad idea? Let us know in the comments.


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