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Change Settings on Multiple Social Networks From One Place With Bliss Control

Yaara Lancet 20-04-2012

A while ago I told you about MyPermissions Too Many Apps? How To Revoke App Permissions From Multiple Websites In 2 Minutes The online world offers many privacy concerns. We all know we should not post private things on Facebook, we mustn’t write down our e-mail address in conspicuous places, and we really should pay attention, as... Read More , a simple yet useful website that helps you clean up multiple app permissions in just a few minutes. MyPermissions is so useful, it inspired people to create similar tools, each making it easier to accomplish a different task.


One of the tools inspired by MyPermissions is the highly useful Notification Control, which Joshua has already told you about. The same guys behind Notification Control have now come up with another incredible service, Bliss Control, which is an expansion of Notification Control, and true to its name, is total bliss.

What Is Bliss Control?

MyPermissions, as mentioned earlier, helps you quickly clear up unnecessary app permissions. Notification Control, in its turn, helps you get rid of pesky email notifications from multiple services, and its sibling, Bliss Control, helps you control and change settings on multiple services, all from one place.

social network settings

What does this mean? Let’s say you got home today, and decided to change your profile picture on Facebook. While thinking of that, you remember you’ve also been wanting to change your bio on Twitter but kept forgetting, and to top it all off, you just realized you forgot your StumbleUpon password, just on the day you feel like using it again.

True, it’s not that big of a deal to load each site separately and find the right spot in the settings you wish to change, but what if you could tell someone what you wanted to change and on which network, and that someone would pinpoint you right to the correct page? This is exactly what Bliss Control does for you.


Using Bliss Control

Using Bliss Control is dazzlingly simple. All you have to do is pick the setting you want to change, pick the network in which you want to change it, and hit GO.

managing social networks

The settings you can choose from include your bio, your password, your username, e-mail and mobile settings; you can also delete your account, recover a lost password, change your profile design, etc. Bliss Control even incorporates the ideas behind MyPermissions and Notification Control, and lets you revoke 3rd party permissions and change e-mail notifications. To choose your setting, simply click on the left square.

managing social networks


Now it’s time to choose your network. Bliss Control currently lets you change settings in 13 different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Foursquare. To choose your network, click on the right square.

managing social networks

Once you choose your setting and network, Bliss Control will show you the exact URL to which it’s going to take you. This is the great thing about Bliss Control – it doesn’t mess around with your private information, all it does is point you to the exact spot where you can update the setting you need to change.

multiple social networks


When you hit Go, a new browser tab will open and you’ll be able to change your settings. If you’re not logged on to that network already, you will naturally have to log in before you can change anything.

Not Everything Is Possible. Yet.

Not every combination in Bliss Control is currently working. For example, if you try to change your bio on Tumblr or change your e-mail on Path, you will get the following message.

social network settings

Bliss Control is still being developed, and the developers are also accepting suggestions if you think you know how to make the impossible possible. It would have been more convenient for users to not include the unavailable options at all, but on the other hand, this method will probably speed up the service’s development, which will end up making us users even happier.


Bottom Line

In case you missed it, the really nifty thing about Bliss Control is its total lack of invasiveness. It doesn’t actually change your password for you, it simply points you to where you can change it, without you having to dig through settings on each website separately. For that, Bliss Control is a brilliant service.

With more settings and more networks hopefully opening up, I can see myself conducting all these minor changes from Bliss Control forever and ever. What about you? Do you plan on using this service? Do you know of similar services we should take a look at? Share in the comments!

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