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Change These PS4 Privacy Settings for Peace of Mind

Ben Stegner 14-11-2016

Privacy is a hot topic in our connected world. It seems that every device and service, especially your smartphone, contains settings to change for maximum privacy Smartphone Privacy Settings You Need To Activate Today Smartphones ship with plenty of default settings that could be leaking your info. Let's dive in and tweak them. Read More .


While you might not consider your gaming consoles under that category, you’d be surprised to know that you actually have quite a bit of control over privacy on your PS4. If you want to limit the amount of info PS4 players see about you, here’s the place to check.

Head to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Privacy Settings to get started. You may have to re-enter your password. Once you do, you’ll see four headers. Some of the same settings appear under multiple headers. Here’s a quick lowdown of what you’ll find in each:

Sharing Your Experience lets you hide your activity on PSN. Here you can decide if Anyone, Friends of Friends, Friends, or No One can view your recently played games and earned Trophies The 7 Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophies You Can Earn Want to earn some Platinum trophies without putting in the effort that some of the harder games? Here are seven games that will net you the easiest Platinums you can earn on the PSN! Read More . You can also disable the ability for people to tag you in videos and stop sharing these to social networks What Does Facebook Know About You? Why You Should Delete Facebook What does Facebook really know about you? One thing's for sure: if you want online privacy, Facebook is best avoided. Read More .

Connecting with Friends can change how people locate you. Use it to stop anyone from sending you friend requests, or prevent yourself from being found through searches.

Managing Your Friends List and Messages is the hub for adjusting your Friends settings. You can block messages from anyone but friends, prevent friends from requesting to watch your gameplay, or turn off the Close Friends feature. The latter will prevent your real name from showing.


Protecting Your Information contains only settings found in other headers. You’ll find the option to change the “players you may know” feature and prevent close friends of close friends from seeing your real name.

It’s worth taking a few minutes through these options and making sure they’re set to your preferences. Many of these settings were added to the PS4 well after launch, so you may not have set them originally.

Do you like sharing on your PS4, or do you fly under the radar? Let us know if you had to change any privacy settings!

Image Credit: Jirsak via Shutterstock

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